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Billie Lourd To Play Her Late Grandma Debbie Reynolds' Granddaughter on 'Will & Grace'

We already knew the final season of the return of Will & Grace would be emotional, but a recent casting announcement has increased that tenfold.

Debbie Reynolds brought to life Bobbi Adler, Grace's mother, on the original run of the show.


The character was a fan favorite, and despite only appearing in ten episodes had a lasting effect on audiences and the cast alike.

The revival of the show occurred after her passing in 2016.

In her honor, the show ran a tribute episode in its revival where Grace's family came together to celebrate the birthday of their mother, who had passed away sometime before the season started.

The show has now announced they will be honoring the actress in another way.

Instagram | @praisethelourd

It was announced that Billie Lourd, daughter of Carrie Fisher and granddaughter of Debbie Reynolds, will be playing Bobbi Adler's granddaughter and Grace's neice on the show.

Billie Lourd shared an emotional Instagram post on the topic.

Instagram | @praisethelourd

She shared a few screenshots of her grandmother's original appearances on the show and captioned them, "I have watched and loved Will & Grace since I was (probably too) young."

"So getting to watch my grandma play Grace’s mom was one o’ the coolest things to happen to my young willandgraceobsessed self."

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"Next week I get to play my real life grandma’s on screen granddaughter on one of my favorite shows and there are not enough happy adjectives in the world to convey the excitement I feel."

Billie then thanked the show for bringing her into the Adler family.

Instagram | @therealdebramessing

Debra Messing also took to Instagram to share this pic with, "She’s HERE! @praisethelourd , granddaughter to the Great Debbie Reynolds, and (as Bobbie Adler,) Grace’s mom."

"I can’t tell you how much it means to have Billie here."

Instagram | @therealdebramessing

"I feel Debbie near. I also had the privilege of filming a pilot with Billie’s mom, Carrie Fisher. An absolute original. I know Debbie & Carrie will be watching their beloved Billie soar," she finished.