Tom Welling Is Officially Coming Back As Superman

Listen, we live in a hard and cold world sometimes, so we have to take what we can get.

And this is, quite possibly, one of the best possible things that could have happened to us.

'Smallville' lasted for a very long time, and it was always good.


Sure it took him a long time to fly, but hey, the journey is what counts.

Tom Welling did justice to Clark Kent.


Sure, we've had many Clarks, but Tom Welling didn't only play Superman. He played the young Clark.

And watching him develop was important.

Don't get me wrong, Henry Cavill does an amazing job in the DC movies.


But he plays it a little differently than Tom Welling.

How, you may ask?

Tom Welling played Clark Kent instead of playing Superman.


And before you argue, yes, the two are different.

Because before he was ever Superman, Clark had to learn to just how to be Clark.

And man, did Tom ever deliever.


He was able to make Clark vulnerable, and deal with some incredibly normal human things while also discovering his powers.

It is a role that Tom Welling will definitely be remembered for.


No matter what else he does, which he might hate. But hey, it's true.

And now he's coming back for round two.


He'll be coming to the small screen on CW's Arrowverse crossover for their Crisis On Infinite Earths.

"Crisis on Infinite Earths" is the multiverse crossover event for the Arrowverse.


Supergirl, Batwoman, The Flash​​​​​, Arrow​​​​​, and the team Legends of Tomorrow will all be crossing over.

It will be airing over five nights, so basically like a long movie.


It will air on three nights in December and over two nights in January, so get ready to watch a lot of TV.

What is the crisis storyline?


Just as in Marvel, in DC, there are a ton of parallel universes and alternate versions of characters.

A cosmic being known as Anti-Monitor begins destroying many of the realities.


And his goal is to become the sole ruler over all of them.

So, we will have a couple of Supermans joining forces to fight.


Wouldn't it be hilarious if Henry Cavill showed up?

Probably not.

So Tom Welling will be alongside Tyler Hoechlin playing Superman.


And as much as Tyler Hoechlin is doing a great job, it'll be amazing to see Tom Welling return.

And Erica Durance, who is 'Smallville's Lois Lane, will also be returning!


Which sends me through the roof with joy!

This is going to be spectacular.

How excited are you?


Let us know below in the comments!

This is the only reboot or revival that I care about.