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Pumpkin Pie Dessert Hummus Is A Thing Because We Need More Pumpkin Spice In Our Life

'Tis the season for pumpkin spice everything! Each year, it seems that more and more food items are given a pumpkin spice face lift.

If YouTubers do "Eating Only Pumpkin Spice Foods For A Day" videos, this pumpkin pie hummus should for sure be included in them.

Some of you may think the sounds of a pumpkin pie-flavored dessert hummus is disgusting.

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If you've ever tried hummus, it might be hard to imagine the mixture of chickpeas and tahini can be turned into a dessert.

But people are absolutely raving about this fall-inspired hummus.

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Instagrammer @happyplacefinds said it was "so yummy" in their caption.

Instagrammer @rembert26 is insisting everyone try it, even if they don't like hummus.

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That says a lot! Clearly, it must not taste like hummus. I imagine it tasting like the inside of a pumpkin pie! But it's guilt-free and healthy, so we give it extra bonus points for that.

Would you try pumpkin pie dessert hummus? Let us know!

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