23 Chance Discoveries That Are Downright Fascinating

I take great comfort sometimes in knowing that there's a whole world out there full of things that I don't know anything about. It's even cooler when I see some of these things in my own backyard or in my day-to-day life.

It's nice to be reminded that there are always new things to learn and experience, and that life is always new and exciting.

1. While I can't think of a really good reason for this to exist, not having a reason why it shouldn't exist is enough for me. 

Reddit | mALLIC2k6

Besides, how much better is your day now that you know these duckies are keeping people company at a bar in Scotland?

2. I would like to think that a lot of this is self-explanatory, but you really do have to cover your bases these days.

Reddit | superpets

It looks like they covered a large range of idiotic things, so someone is going to be thankful this exists.

3. It was only a matter of time until someone was cool enough to put the Mario system in their elevators.

Reddit | typeb_Afacade

It makes sense, though. We should all be reminded of how far we've leveled up in our lives.

4. Alright, time to get serious...how much better is your life now that you know a bunch of guys posed for a picture in their swim trunks with top hats on?

Reddit | Reddit

I always think being funny is something that humans have learned over time, but obviously that's not the case.

5. Um, why isn't this in every public washroom yet?

Reddit | fireflysparks

Why isn't it in every washroom, period?! I would love a little pocket to keep my phone safe and clean. Lord knows I can't leave it in my bag for even five minutes.

6. I often forget that different places have different names for things. 

Reddit | discman_user

I can't think of a better name for Cool Ranch than Cool American Flavor...it just makes sense, you know?

7. The loss of Blockbuster was a national tragedy, and I'm glad that there are people out there who see that.

Reddit | dogue9

They should put one of these up at every former Blockbuster site.

8. Watching stories on the internet about creepy dolls is a pastime of mine, so seeing this creepy doll is important to me.

Reddit | Renegade69

However, I feel like it's probably a bad idea to try and talk to Andy.

9. How did this pun not come to anyone before this?

Reddit | ChrisJohnsten

It's been sitting there right in front of us for years. I'm embarrassed for us as a species to know we missed something so obvious.

10. It actually gives me such a huge sense of peace to know that an emergency biscuit supply exists.

Reddit | Sosakinos

Heaven forbid there are no cookies for tea, I can't even.

11. This is so dang cute. I'm not sure how it got up there or why it's up there, but that doesn't matter.

Reddit | Majkl440__

It's the little things in life, you know?

12. So, it seems to me that this should've been obvious, but as we discussed earlier, it is good to cover your bases.

Reddit | Yamamba78

I'm interested to know if there is a story behind this...but only so long as no one got hurt.

13. Isn't it so cool to occupy space that other people used to live in? 

Reddit | stonedaliens

It's like carrying on a legacy or something. I hope Bob and Debbie are happy and still wallpapering all they want.

14. I need this shirt. I need it so badly. 

Reddit | iam_fat_guy_

The amount of times that I just can't is so numerous that it would beneficial just to put it out there so everyone knows.

15. This fake ten dollar bill is pretty good, even I wasn't sure that it was fake.

Reddit | tsunbaru

At least until I saw the spelling error. Maybe the United Sates is like a sister country or something.

16. It's nice to see that people understand that dogs have different personalities and probably like different things. 

Reddit | bigboypinecone

It's nice to see that everyone is taken care of, you know?

17. This is not a dinner roll. It's a rock.

Reddit | mjdth

The Reddit user that shared it definitely thought it was a piece of bread, but then they lifted it. Apparently, it was surprisingly heavy.

18. There's a little dude chilling under these layers of paint. 

Reddit | kart22

The person who found it was surveying the brick in preparation of paint removal. They plan to leave him there to continue his vigil.

Since this is the internet, it didn't take long for someone to identify him. 

Reddit | 93tilldefinity

He's likely a similar figurine to this one owned by Reddit user 93tilldefinity. It's from a model train set.

19. That is one big, honking banana.

Reddit | BanalPlay

I don't think you could be truly surprised to find more than one merged together, since it was probably huge before being peeled too, but dang!

20. There was a golden, gummy wizard in this pack of bears.

Reddit | scrensh3

While it's probably just a sorting mistake, I like to believe that if you find three golden wizards, you get a scholarship to Hogwarts.

21. That is one very long Cheerio.

Reddit | Verdusa

I don't know why, but while part of me thinks it's kind of cool to get a tiny insight into the cereal manufacturing process, the other part of me finds this really unsettling.

22. My brain just broke.

Reddit | mochanutcoconut

Years of arguments over whether it's Berenstain or Berenstein have just been torpedoed by a pair of toys that say both on the tag.

Which one is it?!

23. Someone found a 41-year-old unopened bottle of Pepsi at a thrift store.

Reddit | quadmercury

Not only that, but it's from the USSR. I'd definitely see what something like that is worth to collectors of Soviet-era stuff.