Jennifer Aniston Ordered "To Lose 30lbs" Before Getting On 'Friends'

We all know Jennifer Aniston is a beautiful woman, and we know that at the start of Friends Rachel was known for her beauty.

But it was a long and hard road to get there for Jennifer Aniston.

Author Saul Austerlitz detailed it in the novel 'Generation Friends: An Inside Look at the Show That Defined a Television Era'.


"She had to lose thirty pounds if she wanted to stay in Hollywood." he wrote.

He continued by saying:


"Los Angeles was a tough place to be an actress - it was a tough place to be a woman - and Jennifer Aniston's agent was reluctantly levelling with her."

In a Rolling Stone interview in 1996, Aniston actually spoke about it.


"My agent gave it to me straight," she said. "Nicest thing he ever did... The disgusting thing of Hollywood - I wasn't getting lots of jobs 'cause I was too heavy."

Well, at least she appreciated the input!


It could have been a lot worse, to be fair.

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