Mom's Genius Hack For Serving Healthy Snacks Will Get Your Kids To Finally Eat Their Veggies

If there's one thing every parent can relate to, it's trying to get your kids to eat something healthy for once. It can be one of the most frustrating things about being a parent, but one mom's genius hack might just be the solution.

Every parent wants their child to eat a healthy variety of foods.

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We know kids should be eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, and protein sources, but getting them to actually eat these things can be a challenge.

It can be difficult to compete with snacks like candy and cookies these days.

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Food marketed towards kids tends to contain a lot of added sugar and artificial ingredients. This makes them look and taste appealing to children, but we know that they are far from nutritious.

One mom came up with a genius snack hack that will encourage your children to eat healthier foods.

Facebook | The Eager Teacher

Sarah Horning of the blog The Eager Teacher shared her secret for healthy snacking on Facebook.

In Sarah's house, she always keeps a variety of "self-serve snacks" handy for her kids. Self-serve means her kids can help themselves to the snacks whenever they want.

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"After grocery shopping I always wash and prep all of the food that is considered self-serve in our house," Sarah wrote in her post.

Once all the food is washed and ready, she sets it up in these containers to make a snack station in the fridge.

Facebook | The Eager Teacher

As you can see, there is a variety of fruits, vegetables, cheese sticks, and yogurts on hand. Yum! And, this method actually encourages Sarah's kids to eat healthy foods.

"There’s something about having things truly ready to grab that makes kids eat it," she said.

Since sharing her hack online, Sarah's post has racked up thousands of reactions and comments.

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Online, many moms said they were planning on trying something similar in their homes, even if that meant they would have to restock it every day.

Others said this hack was great for kids... and husbands.

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Honestly, the entire family could benefit from having a healthy snack station like this. This makes it easy to choose veggies over chips.

Other moms even shared their version of this hack.

Facebook | Carol Campbell

The best thing about this hack is that it's super easy and cheap to do. All you need is a designated spot for your snacks, then just set them up. I'm definitely going to try this at my house.