22 Feel-Good Tweets To Cure A Rough Week

I have been fighting the worst headache all week. Not headaches in the plural sense, but rather one massive headache that never quite goes away. It lurks behind my ears as a low throb, choosing the worst possible moments to rear up into full-on, kill-me-now pain.

Needless to say, I need a bit of a pick-me-up, and Twitter has definitely come through.

1. Cutest grandpa ever!

Twitter | @renblankk

Besides being super sweet, imagine the amount of time and dedication it took for him to carefully write out the stories of the times they spent together. They are inexpensive notebooks, written in basic pencil, but they are worth so much more.

2. I used to try this challenge, but never managed to get so small.

Twitter | @alisonmah

Sometimes we challenge ourselves to lose weight or to learn a new language, but sometimes we choose something silly like tiny origami cranes. If it makes you happy, that's the most important thing.

3. Sometimes, it's the perfect reply that makes a small joke incredible.

Twitter | @OfficialTLC

Asking a silly question about a '90s pop song is a fun little tweet, but when the band actually answers, it becomes a little piece of joy sent out into the universe.

4. Even a sad tweet can be sweet and heartwarming enough to belong here.

Twitter | @buckee8

A good happy-cry can be cathartic after a tough time. That's why this story about a grandma sending her love into the future is so amazing.

5. Park cameras caught the first image of this polar bear cub, the first born in the U.K. after 25 years. 

Twitter | @HighlandWPark

The cub had been inside the den for two months and the staff hadn't even seen it before those first steps outside.

6. Now that's the smile of a comforted doggo.

Twitter | @baythatch

It's hard for anyone to go to the doctor, even if they understand why. But for a dog, you can't explain it to them. You just need to smother them with love so that they know you'll protect them.

7. It's awesome to see a guy willing to embrace his love of pink and fluffy.

Twitter | @tmackisey

A lot of men would have scoffed at this phone case. Even if they liked it, they may have been embarrassed to admit it. Not this dad.

8. Just look at that smile!

Twitter | @Globies

This woman got to spend her 109th birthday with the Harlem Globetrotters and it looks like she enjoyed every single second of it. Here's to her 110th!

9. Reaching 109 years old is an incredible milestone, but it's important to celebrate the small things, too.

Twitter | @mpstevenson1

Why is this dad so happy about getting new recycling bins? Who knows, but the important part is that he got balloons and everything!

10. Still got those tissues handy?

Twitter | @mackenna_newman

Illness is a difficult thing for any family to go through, and some handle it better than others. There is so much love in this simple photo.

11. OMG, I want to cuddle it so much right now.

Twitter | @crysomemore

The fact that the little sweater is actually a sock with holes cut into it just quadruples the cuteness factor.

And good news!

Twitter | @crysomemore

Not only did the little kitten warm up and recover from being out in a storm, but she was quickly adopted by a family.

This mom is all of us right now.

12. Speaking of absolutely adorable animals...

Twitter | @paetonmathes

This goldie may not fit on the bed his mom bought for him, but he still tried. No wonder his appreciation for the gift quickly went viral.

His love was so apparent that more than one pet bed manufacturer sent him a new one!

Twitter | @paetonmathes

I love that the little bed gets to be a pillow on one of the THREE new ones he has to choose from.

13. Okay, one more cute animal.

Twitter | @dogtextings

Can you blame me?! Look at this wrinkly pupper and his butterfly friend! It's the most wholesome thing I have ever seen! I could look at it all day and just feel happy.

14. There are so many kids out there who don't get the support they need. That's why this is so important. 

Twitter | @gailtwist

In a world of standardized testing, kids with different needs can get left behind. These teachers made sure that Ben knew he was appreciated.

15. I think we should all appreciate that the world gave us Bob Ross.

Twitter | @pvnkle

And then Netflix gave us his reruns, because they're exactly what my soul needed to feel pure again.

16. I don't know what we did to deserve dogs like this, but I'm not complaining. 

Twitter | @melaniewang2

It's like he was sent to earth solely to collect pine cones and make his owner happy.

17. Since this service dog is taking part in the chem lab, obviously safety is really important here.

Twitter | @tarahoward75

But where are the goggles and protective footwear for my heart? Nobody prepared me for this.

18. Google Maps has provided us with a lot of gems over the years.

Twitter | @sarahjeanalex

But I so badly want to know the story behind why this man chose this exact moment to turn his cargo pants into cargo shorts.

19. Forget scary clowns and gross sewers. THIS is a movie I'd actually watch.

Twitter | @bbiss666

Just look at that face! And those eyes! Someone let this doggo inside and give it anything it wants.

20. Dogs are definitely too good for this world, but kittens? They're a whole different ballgame. 

Twitter | @britneydiane

I dare anyone to tell me this isn't the most precious thing you have ever seen in your entire life.

21. I would love to read a Dr. Seuss book about this unsuspecting Easter egg cat. 

Twitter | @Hannah_Bevis1

Um, can we fund this? Let's get our best people working on this project, stat.

22. This cat is tired of its old, stale bowl water, and is taking matters into its own hands...er, paws.

Twitter | @jennastoya

I don't know this cat, but I'm so proud of it.