29 Little-Known Genius Duct Tape Hacks

Duct tape is one of those miracle products that can do and fix pretty much everything — except for the gaping hole in your heart — but most of us use it sparingly and only know how to make a duct tape wallet. The reality is that almost anything can be remedied with a little silver tape. If you've ever seen The Red Green Show, you're probably pretty familiar with the crazy, somewhat ridiculous projects duct tape is used in.

These tips aim to be a bit more helpful. Whether you're stuck in the forest with nothing but a knife and a roll of tape or you're at home just struggling with everyday life, you're in luck.

Check out these amazing uses for the most underrated hardware tool of all.

1. Use it to open tough jars.

Instructables | Instructables

We've ALL been here, and how heartbreaking it is when you just can't get the lid off? Never fear, duct tape is here! It's hard to believe this works, but it actually does.

2. Add grip to slippery shoes.

Taringa! | Taringa!

Apply a layer of duct tape and score it with scissors to make your shoes a little safer. If this will save your ankles from breaking, it's definitely worth a shot.

3. Create custom stencils for DIY shirts!

Instructables | craft within reach

Hasn't everyone wanted a customized t-shirt at some point in their lives? Make one for your best friend, design them with your kids — or rock one yourself! They're pretty awesome.

4. Remove warts by covering them with duct tape.

Instructables | carl.myhill

Warts are the worst. They're hard to remove, uncomfortable to have, and just plain annoying. Apply a piece of duct tape for about 6 days, then soak the wart and rub it with a pumice stone. Repeat if necessary.

5. Use duct tape to maintain your seat position.

Sizzle | Sizzle

If someone else moves the seat, that's ok! Just slide it back until the pieces line up.

6. It really works! Use duct tape to construct a canoe.

Instructables | ineverfinishanyth

7. Construct a homemade sled!

Artzy Creations | Artzy Creations

8. Put together a pair of waterproof emergency shoes!

saxophones | Instructables

9. Make a custom dress form on the cheap!

Ideas2live4 | Ideas2live4

10. Take care of a broken bone in an emergency.

cloudifornia | Instructables

This isn't a long-term solution, but it works in a pinch!

11. Put together a stretcher in an emergency.

cloudifornia | Instructables

12. Or a hammock for less stressful situations.

Dadzilla | Instructables

13. Use it to make a watertight cup!

wikiHow | wikiHow

14. Use it to patch a leaky tent and save your vacation!

2 Fly America | 2 Fly America

15. Create a custom messenger bag in any colors or patterns you can get your hands on.

momfilter | momfilter

16. Or make waterproof faux-quilted pillows for the patio!

Instructables | annahowardshaw

17. DIY a butterfly bandage.

Wide Open Spaces | Wide Open Spaces

Cut small strips and space them out along the wound to keep it closed, then see a doctor ASAP.

18. Make a pouch for your charging station!

Thinking and Learning | Thinking and Learning

19. Protect blisters.

Kylie Sue.. That will do! | Kylie Sue.. That will do!

Just put some gauze on first!

20. While the rest of us were trying to figure out the style, color, and fabric we wanted for our prom dresses, these teens were calculating how many duct tape rolls they needed.

Stuck at Prom | Stuck at Prom

21. Some people got very original in their designs.

Stuck at Prom | Stuck at Prom

22. While others coordinated just perfectly. 

Stuck at Prom | Stuck at Prom

23. With Halloween just around the corner, duct tape can come in handy.

Imgur | CabooseFett

Just check out this Boba Fett Helmet, for example.

24. You can also put your artistic skills to the test.

Reddit | 1armedfreak

There's something wonderfully appropriate about the duct tape Walter White.

25. If you're short on seating, duct tape will always come to the rescue. 

Reddit | Padauk

26. Sun protection is important, and duct tape has your back.

Etsy | AbsentMindedOctopus

27. Duct tape lunch bags are the way of the future.

The Gracious Wife | The Gracious Wife

How cool are these? Dollar stores tend to carry a wide variety of colored and patterned rolls of duct tape, so you could easily whip up an amazing collection of lunch bags for everyone in your family.

28. How cute is this Ziploc pencil case?

Aunt Peaches | Aunt Peaches

Duct tape and plastic freezer bags actually make super durable pencil cases that anyone can use.

29. Duct tape is also a very solid investment because it can be used in situations when you can't afford a replacement. 

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