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Officer Praised For Helping Struggling Homeless Man Shave His Face

One Detroit police officer recently had a heartwarming encounter with a homeless man when he discovered the gentleman struggling to shave. Without hesitating, the cop offered his assistance and helped the man complete his clean shave in a moment that has since gone viral.

According to ABC News, the officer had no idea anyone was even watching him. But in fact, someone was, and thankfully she managed to capture the moment in a series of touching snaps.

Jill Metiva Schafer said she was walking by when she noticed the cop and the homeless man together.

"I took the picture because I thought it was such a kind, unselfish thing for an officer to do," she explained. "With all the negativity that police officers get, I wanted to show them in a positive light."

The photos were later uploaded to her Facebook page where they quickly gained plenty of attention and lots of praise for the officer.

Schafer captioned post, "What a great Detroit cop! This is right outside Comerica park. The game was a rainout but this officer went way above and beyond to help this man shave!"

"Thank you for capturing this photo of a Detroit Police officer doing a good deed," one user wrote. "They get [so] much bad coverage and it's not always warranted."

The cop in the picture is Officer Jeremy Thomas of the Detroit Police Department, who came across Stanley Nelson on the street.

He approached the 62-year-old homeless man when he noticed him struggling to use rain water from a downspout to shave his face.

"He had shaving cream on his hands, his coat, his face, his eyes," Officer Thomas told WXYZ.

"I walked up and I said, 'Excuse me, sir' and at that point, he's like, 'Ok, ok, I'll leave and I said, 'No, do you need some help?'"


Nelson then faced the officer and replied, "Yes, thank you. God bless."

As it turns out, he had been attempting to shave after he had been given a razor and some shaving cream as a handout from someone on the street. However, it was proving difficult to do on his own.

With the help of Officer Thomas, Nelson was able to get a clean shave.


"What he did for me, that was alright," Nelson told WXYZ. "I really appreciate that because, you know, I'm going through my thing and I feel bad about myself, you know, but I'm gonna be alright."

He added, "That was beautiful what he did and God is gonna bless him for doing that for me because he didn't have to do that."

Officer Thomas said he hopes people who see the pictures are inspired to help others in whatever way they can.


"Just know that this could be you at any day," he said. "Nobody is better than the other person. They be in a better position in life, but use that opportunity to take care of somebody else when you can."

h/t: ABC News, WXYZ

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