10+ Secrets About 'American Idol' That Kelly Clarkson Revealed On Her Talk Show

On The Kelly Clarkson Show recently, Kelly Clarkson let a lot of dish spill on what went on behind-the-scenes on American Idol.

So you just know that we had to do a whole article on it!

Kelly Clarkson had her old 'American Idol' friends come on her new talk show!


She had Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, and Paula Abdul.

And even her duet partner Justin appeared! Everything we learned was taken from those videos which will be linked below! Enjoy!

1. Justin and Kelly had no idea they were doing a duet.


"They told Justin and I we were doing that duet we did, live on live national television, like three minutes before live national television started. Literally, we were both standing there like, 'What?'"

2. Kelly didn't even know she was doing a show!


"I literally walked in. I had no idea what I was doing. No idea it was a TV show, until the audition I was in front of y'all."

3. Kelly was asked to change her song at the last minute.


She ended up singing the song "Express Yourself" only because she was told before singing that she had to change her original idea.

4. The movie 'From Justin to Kelly' is actually very much hated.


In fact, Kelly told her nanny that she would be fired if she ever showed the movie to Kelly's children!

5. Randy Jackson had complete faith in Kelly Clarkson.


"On that day — when she auditioned — I knew you were gonna win," he admitted.

How sweet is that!

6. Paula agreed with him.


"You were so clever. You knew who you were as an artist. You picked the right songs."

7. Simon actually had no faith in 'American Idol' at all.


Which isn't that surprising, considering he doesn't seem to have faith in many things.

8. Simon wants to work with Paula and Randy again.


He said, and we quote, "If I had one wish it would be to make another show with us again. That would be my number one."

9. Kelly is one of the few contestants that Simon actually loves.


He always appreciated that she was the same person on and off camera.

He said, "You've been very loyal, and you're a great friend."

10. There was a lot of off screen drama.


In fact, Paula was apparently quitting all the time!

That must have driven Simon crazy.

11. The drama continued when they got casted out to the balcony.


The three judges were very unhappy with the fact that they were put so far back and couldn't judge.

12. Kelly had no idea what was coming for her with the show.


She was inside of her bubble and really didn't think it would have had a crazy effect.

Here's the video for you to watch for yourself!

There's tons of good content in there, even though it's short.

And you can watch her reunite with her old pal Justin here!