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This Puzzle Is Stumping Adults, But Most 6-Year-Olds Solve It In 20 Seconds

I really have never been good at mind puzzles or games. I'm kind of scared about what that reveals about me, but I do like to DO like actual puzzles! Does that count?

If you enjoy mind puzzles and games, then try your hand (or brain, I should say) at this logic puzzle that 6-year-olds in Hong Kong have to solve in 20 seconds.

This logic puzzle is part of an admissions test for six-year-old children in Hong Kong elementary schools.

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The concept of the test is to guess what parking spot number the car is parked in, based on the pattern of the existing numbers.

Apparently, the students have to solve it in 20 seconds or less, so here goes!

Stumped? You're not alone!

If you've given up, flip the puzzle upside down.

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Well, we did it here for you.

But do you see it? I had the same thought. The answer was so clearly right in front of us: 87!

The whole point is to NOT think too hard about the answer.

That is virtually impossible for this overthinking Virgo.

If you were able to solve it, congrats! Here's a virtual high five.