Jana Kramer Fires Back At Troll Who Said To 'Just Get Divorced' From Sex Addict Husband

One Tree Hill star Jana Kramer has been open with fans about her husband, Mike Caussin's, sex addiction since 2019. The couple hasn't been shy and shared the highs and lows of Mike's addiction in a series of tell-all interviews as well as on their podcast, Whine Down.

Now, Jana is clapping back at fans who are telling her to leave her husband.

As fans may recall, Jana and Mike's tied the knot back in 2016.

Jana first learned of her husband's numerous affairs when she was pregnant with their first child.

The couple decided to work through their issues after a brief separation while Mike attended a rehabilitation program.

These details and more were documented in the pair's recently published book, "The Good Fight."

With this type of vulnerability, trolls are almost inevitable.

Jana and Mike are no strangers to getting hate online, and now, Jana is defending her marriage on Twitter.

The drama all started after a recent interview in which the *One Tree Hill* alum admitted she trusts her husband, but maybe not with "1000%" certainty.

In response to Jana's comment, one critic tweeted, "Just get divorced already!!"

Jana was quick to reply with a thoughtful, powerful message.

"When You don’t know the ins and out about addiction and the work we continue to do you shouldn’t speak on it.. We are open because we are helping people do the work to become stronger just like we have. So no thanks. Not gonna divorce a good man."

She continued: "Apparently everyone has a picture perfect relationship. SMH."

"It takes a lot of hard work to dive in and do therapy to see the good bad and ugly of yourself and your partner," she added. "Fight the good fight. You will be stronger. So will your marriage. So will YOU."

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