15+ Things That We Just Didn't Know Could Happen

The more connected we are, the more intimately aware we become of each other's experiences.

On one hand, this can be a matter of concern since that one uncle we're scared to invite to Thanksgiving can now potentially have an audience that spans across the globe, which is ironic if he happens to be a flat earther.

But it also means that bizarre occurrences that would normally just be local legends in small communities can open all of our eyes to possibilities that we may not have even considered.

And the images we're about to see are perfect examples of how easily we can beat the odds and see stuff that flies in the face of how we see the world.

I takes a lot of finesse and a little luck to catch a bubble on your finger without popping it, but I don't know what it takes to make this happen.

Did this person catch the first bubble and then trap the rest of them with it or did they all just land on their finger like this?

Either way, that seems like an exceedingly rare happenstance.

This apparently isn't a common practice in Finland but at least one store there has an offer you wouldn't find in even the most amibtious Costco.

As you can see, this massive pack gives people the opportunity to buy 3241 cans of beer at once for 6773 euros, or $8,186.

If someone actually bought that, I can't even guess what they were trying to prepare for.

It's a little hard to recognize but we're looking at a perfectly cracked coconut here.

By that, I mean somebody managed to remove the shell without damaging any of the coconut's edible parts. As a result, it almost looks more like a giant walnut than a coconut.

Normally, we'd see this and assume that someone got a little creative and made a little bust out of snow before proudly displaying it on this log.

However, it turns out that this occurred purely as an act of nature. Yup, the snow just happened to gather on the log this way.

Somehow, this bird happened to fly in just the right way to get stuck between the branches of this tree.

I'm not even sure how it managed to do that and the same probably holds true for the uploader who eventually freed it.

Despite how it looks, we're not looking at a house with a weirdly deep façade.

At least, not literally. Apparently, this is a normally-proportioned house that has this illusion of an extra dimension thanks to some carefull-arranged cedar shingles.

It's super trippy.

It's a little hard to see in this rear-view mirror but this road has a feature that truly becomes noticeable under specific and dangerous circumstances.

If you're going the correct way on this road, the reflectors dotting it will seem white just like any other markings on it.

But if you're driving on the wrong side of the highway, they'll suddenly appear red and warn you about what you're trying to do.

This couple's romantic mishap seems straight out of a movie but they really did get the same idea at the most unfortunate time.

As if long-distance relationships weren't already hard enough without both parties trying to surprise each other in their home countries at once.

Ironically, it seems like the kind of thing that would only bring them closer together.

This picture goes a long way to show us what camouflage looks like when it truly works.

And if you're wondering what I'm talking about, count the bottles here and follow the hands grabbing them.

Surprise! There was another person on the left all along.

I don't think it would be possible to feel lucky on a day where something like this happened to your car.

That said, it would be a lot easier to feel lucky as this plane's pilot since they reportedly managed to get out of this wreckage with minor injuries.

While the uploader was walking their dog, this fish just happened to fall out of the sky.

While we can usually blame a waterspout or a similar natural occurrence when a bunch of fish turn up like this, the culprit in this case is actually a lot simpler.

A bald eagle just dropped its lunch.

This isn't a typical shape for this kind of mushroom but it's hard to deny how uncannily it looks like a marshmallow.

Despite this appearance, however, I would strongly recommend not eating this.

That's generally good practice for unidentified mushrooms but it's an important warning in this case because we're likely looking at the incredibly toxic "destroying angels."

The most sinister thing about the potentially deadly mushroom is that it looks a lot like much safer to eat fungi known as puffballs. Be careful out there.

This is a picture I'm sure we'd never want to personally experience but this is the indent a truck leaves behind after it's pulled from an avalanche.

Reddit | windshifter, Utah Department of Transportation

This was being driven by two workers for the Utah Department of Transportation when the avalanche hit. Fortunately, both are reportedly safe after their rescue.

Unless someone timed their photo so perfectly while their buddy was chucking this stick in the air, it definitely looks like it's floating.

The most likely scenario is that a spider is holding it up with a strong and hard-to-see web but it still makes for a pretty surreal sight.

In rare cases, people can sometimes come across sprial icicles like the one we see here.

As for how this happens, Professor James R. Carter at Illinois State University chalked it up to a natural freezing and melting cycle that the ice that forms on poles like this one can go through under the right conditions.

If you've ever tried to make a mylar ballon stand up, you're likely well aware of how uncanny it is that Peppa here ended up like this.

As the uploader discovered when they were trying to get a drink of water in the middle of the night, it's possible for the balloon to have just enough air in it that the legs can stand without collapsing.

That must have been a startling discovery.

While the uploader was mowing their lawn, they came across this grasshopper that stood out thanks to its bright pink exoskeleton.

While it's incredibly rare to spot a white kangaroo or a white killer whale, catching sight of a pink grasshopper doesn't seem all that common either.

After all, how many of us have encountered one?

Those ice spirals showed us that a lot can happen when ice melts and refreezes but this shows us how it goes when that happens on another surface.

As we can see, when sheets of ice do that on a roof, they end up forming bizarre icicles that look like somebody cut up a plastic awning.

I wonder if they're any less of a pain to clear away?

When the uploader cleaned their sink with vinegar and sea salt, they noticed this copper salt start to form on the cloth.

Unfortunately, this is a sign that it's time to find another method of cleaning because while it's not as poisonous as the destroying angel mushroom we saw before, it's still pretty toxic.

Basically, it's best to avoid ingesting any of it or breathing it in if you don't want your day to get significantly worse.

As the uploader explained, "My brother works at Chic-Fil-A, and some people came and picked up their to go order in a helicopter."

Apparently, this is actually a fairly common practice among pilots known as a $100 hamburger.

Since pilots need to fly fairly regularly to keep their licenses valid, they'll sometimes take trips like this that are more about keeping up with recency requirements than satisfying any particular craving.

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