Fans Believe Britney Spears Shared A 'Cryptic' Hidden Message In Scrabble Tiles

Britney Spears is making headlines this month with fans desperate to help the beloved pop star.

While the battles with her father's conservatorship over her have been made public for years now, the release of the New York Times documentary Framing Britney Spears, offered fans a new perspective on life for the 39-year-old.

Now, fans believe Britney is trying to send them hidden messages in a new Instagram post.

Britney Spears' Instagram has been a topic of speculation for *years* now.

From her dancing videos to her comedy sketches, fans love seeing what Britney is up to.

However, over the past year, her followers have become convinced that the songstress was sending hidden messages to fans in her pictures.

The theory that's even more sinister is that her Instagram account was being run by someone else.

Back in the summer, fans were questioning if an older man was running the 39-year-old's social media posts, considering how bizarre they sounded.

Now, the conspiracy continues. This time, with a picture of a Scrabble board game:

"Can you find a word that isn’t actually a word ???? Sometimes it’s fun to make ones up ," Britney captioned the post.

Fans immediately started attempting to decode the picture.

"i am ready to find the hidden message don’t worry britney," wrote one fan.

"Please someone crack the code, she’s trying to tell us something. This is so cryptic," wrote another.

Fan @eliselongbottom believes they cracked the code, writing: "there are 100 letters in scrabble. There are 96 letters on this board. The missing letters are: A E F J N U (that took me like 30 mins to figure out). What could those letters mean??? Worth noting that there are two blank letters on the board. One of them is clearly an “S” but the other is unclear as a designated letter (could spell wet, bet, set, let, etc.) So, let’s pretend that Britney wants us to include the letter “S” in her secret message as a clear “missing letter”, that would mean we have the letters: A E F J N U S. Let’s also pretend that the “J” is actually representing the smiley emoji (I watched the documentary last night, so am definitely getting carried away in reading into emojis or lack there of). If the “J” becomes the smiley emojis, the remaining letters spell UNSAFE so message is Unsafe. I’m definitely getting waaaaay carried away, I acknowledge, but thought I’d share."

Did anyone else just get chills? Is this what Britney is trying to tell us?

It's truly wild to think Britney would communicate with fans so intimately, but it's so nice to see how many people want the pop star to be safe, healthy, and happy.