15+ Wild Coincidences That Barely Even Seem Real

Coincidences are things that happen fairly regularly, yet can feel almost magical when they do happen.

Whether you choose to believe there's some great unifying balance or that these are just the product of randomness, it's hard to deny just how mind-blowing they can be.

Life imitates lock screen.

Reddit | philography

The live wallpaper on this phone's lock screen looks very familiar. It's almost like someone captured it from this very vista.

Wildest dreams.

Reddit | Yukamoo

I suppose with two trucking companies with these names, it's inevitable that they'd drive next to one another at some point. It still feels like a marketing stunt though.

Veins and creases.

Reddit | admiralwan

It's incredible how the veins on this leaf perfectly mirror the creases on this person's hand. Like, absolutely everything matches up.

She's like a rainbow.

Reddit | Ann_Dragonetti

The color pattern doesn't quite match up, but the colors themselves do. Sometimes your wardrobe just looks like baking cups and that's okay.

Matching numbers.

Reddit | im_chinaton

When the amount paid matches the numbers on the check, the odds are clearly in your favor and it's time to buy a lottery ticket.

Stealth chips.

Reddit | kid-hopsicle

This bag of chips advertises full on flavor but you'll have to find the chips first — no easy feat on a countertop like this.

St. Paul Paulice.

Reddit | YelloHorizon

Sergeant Paul Paulos has a lot of Pauls in his name, so it makes perfect sense that he'd join the St. Paul Police.

Look at the beer name.

Reddit | rasputinBBQ

Indeed, what are the odds that this unique beer can would find a guy in a shirt that matches perfectly?


Reddit | Kossine

I'm not a religious person but it's tough to even start to rely on God when that 6.66 is staring back at me.

Match the stairs.

Reddit | MrsBarnes1988

On its own, this staircase doesn't look particularly fashionable. But when it's paired with some matching shoes, it looks ready for the runway.

Shot through the heart.

Reddit | BeardedGlass

What are the odds that someone could capture an airplane at cruising altitude as it perfectly bisects a solar eclipse?

Different freckles.

Reddit | SatansSlutz

This woman has a unique freckle pattern on her arm. It somehow matches a unique freckle pattern on her eye.

Basic black and white.

Reddit | TheJoker12349

At first, I thought there was a piece of green tape or something on her back, but then I realized it was the lid to a perfectly camouflaged coffee mug.

Made for each other.

Reddit | jones-indiana

This Volkswagen Golf is apparently a rare color scheme. I don't know if the same can be said for this person's pants, but they definitely match.

As seen in the photo.

Reddit | olivierhoran

When you factor in tenths of a pound, it's pretty unlikely that someone's weight would perfectly match the box art.

Are they even real?

Reddit | rexeybb

There's something about the texture of these throw pillows, and the way it reflects light, that makes it look like they're Photoshopped into the picture.

She lives on the wall.

Reddit | crazy_apollo

It's a little unsettling how this news anchor's background looks exactly like the wall that this television is mounted on.

Make a wish.

Reddit | xpawntakesqueenx

This random pic was taken while the photographer was messing with their phone. But if you look in the sky, you'll see that they accidentally captured a shooting star.

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