Bindi Irwin Criticized For Bringing Her Mother And Brother On Her 'Babymoon'

The Internet has brought us so many great things — for instance, if I wanted to find a funny picture of a cat, I could do so in seconds! If I wanted to look up a recipe for a delicious pineapple upside down cake, I could do that too! Pretty much the only thing the Internet can't do is tell me where my lost remote is!

Unfortunately, the Internet also brings with it one of the banes of society: trolls.

No matter what happens, it seems like there's always someone online who has a snarky comment to make.

Unsplash | Glenn Carstens-Peters

This is especially true when it comes to parenting, pregnancy, or anything surrounding babies, kids, and families. Everyone thinks their way is the right way to do things, and they'll be sure to let anyone who thinks differently know!

It seems like it would be impossible for anyone to hate the Irwin family.

What is there not to love about Bindi, Terri, Robert, and Bindi's husband, Chandler? They've dedicated their lives to upholding Steve's legacy of animal education and conservation, and have done a fantastic job!

Of course, it's the Internet, so people have found something to criticize.

Everyone knows the Irwin family is incredibly close.

The whole group is pretty much always together — they all work at the Australia Zoo together after all!

Robert was even present when Bindi and Chandler got engaged to take some of the most beautiful pictures!

"The most beautiful surprise," Bindi wrote at the time.

"I never even knew Robert was there photographing and I’ll always be grateful to have these special memories of the most amazing day of my life," Bindi shared.

What a sweet way to include your family in your special moments!

Bindi and Chandler recently went on a little vacation before the upcoming birth of their first child.

This vacation, frequently referred to as a 'babymoon,' is a bit of a tradition for some families right before a new baby arrives!

Bindi and Chandler shared some pictures from their vacation, and fans were quick to point out that they had brought Terri and Robert along.

Many comments came in on the Facebook post they shared, which Bindi has since deleted.

Fans started to question why it was that Bindi and Chandler had brought her family along on their vacation.

"How come her mum and brother are always in their photos? Are we missing something?" one person asked.

I don't know about you, but this feels like something that's not any of my business!

"Do these two ever do anything alone?" one fan asked.

"Come on Terri get a life and let your girl have some time off," another wrote.

Personally, I think it's sweet that the whole family was there! We know they're all super close, so why shouldn't they bring the whole group along if they want to?

"Not a babymoon if the whole family is along," one person declared.

I think that the only people who should really get to decide what is or isn't a babymoon for Chandler and Bindi are Chandler and Bindi, but maybe that's just me!

Bindi ended up removing the post from her Facebook page and disabling comments on her Instagram.

Of course, there were fans defending the family too!

"I love that you include your family in your baby moon. I can’t wait to see photos of your precious little wildlife warrior. Don’t let the negative comments get you down. People do that because they have there own insecurities about things in their life," one fan tweeted.

It doesn't seem like Bindi has taken the criticism to heart.

Bindi shared another photograph from their trip with the caption, "Robert - Thank you for being such a fantastic brother and reminding me to find the adventure in every day. Also, shoutout to my beautiful mama who appears to be on my shoulder in this photograph... Love you both with all my heart."

What do you think?

Do you think people were criticizing them over nothing, or do you think that maybe Chandler and Bindi should have taken the time for themselves, away from their family? Let us know how you feel in the comments below!