10+ TV Shows From The '90s That Will Never Be As Good As Shows Today

The '90s were a golden decade of music, fashion trends, and movies.

While some TV shows shined — Seinfeld, Friends, and Full House — it wasn't a perfect decade for TV.

In fact, there were many shows that we'd rather soon forget due to stale storylines and bad casting.

Here are 10+ TV shows from the '90s that will never be as good as shows today.

*Saved By the Bell*: *The College Years* and *The New Class*

The '90s classic, Saved By The Bell had two horrendous spinoffs following its major success.

This included The College Years, which used some of Saved By The Bell’s characters and maintained some of the show’s vibes. But it was New Class that replaced them and completely missed the mark.

*Uncle Buck*

Stars John Candy and Macaulay Culkin found major success with this family film.

But the same luck wasn’t true for the 1990 TV spinoff, which was released a year after the film. It struggled to gain traction like the movie, leading to its cancellation after the first season.

*Jerry Springer*

“Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!” is no more. It’s become difficult for the show to remain relevant with more genuine daytime shows like Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil.

While Jerry Springer remained authentic to itself, it wasn’t able to be progressive and had its last episode in 2018.


Alicia Silverstone’s dazzling performance as Cher Horowitz in the 1995 film left fans excited for the TV series spin-off.

But they were sadly left disappointed, as the show felt like a money grab. It also didn’t help that Silverstone didn’t reprise her role as Cher.

*Veronica’s Closet*

Cheers fans were excited to see Kirstie Alley star in this fashion sitcom as the freshly divorced Veronica Chase.

But the poor plot points left fans feeling bored soon after. The show only stuck around for three seasons.


Professional boxer, George Foreman, should have stuck to making grills instead of trying out TV.

His show, which saw him playing a retired boxer helping out troubled youth, was canceled super quick due to poor ratings

*Ferris Bueller*

The spin-off TV-show of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off never stood a chance of measuring up to the cult classic movie.

With Matthews Broderick out and Charlie Schlatter in as the new Ferris, the show didn't have that same nostalgic feel.

*Cop Rock*

Imagine this for a second: Glee based around law enforcement… Well, you won’t have to imagine it, as this was done with the show Cop Rock.

It’s pretty obvious why the musical drama didn’t draw many viewers...

*Unhappily Ever After*

The show couldn’t hold up to the major success of its predecessor, Married With Children.

Unhappily Ever After only lasted five seasons because of the family’s lack of charm and the fact that it seemed to go against political correctness.

*Harry and the Hendersons*

This TV series based on the movie, Harry and the Hendersons, was about an adopted sasquatch named Harry.

Since it was competing with Seinfield around the same time, a show involving a Bigfoot romance never gained appeal.

*Sweet Valley High*

A show based on a book is always going to have higher expectations.

Sweet Valley High missed the mark by straying from the source material and turning the show into a typical high school drama.

*The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer*

The controversial TV show never even made it to its season one finale due to the horrifying depiction of slavery and the odd portrayal of Abraham Lincoln.

It wasn’t funny to see an extremely sensitive topic used in parody.

*City Guys*

While the show wasn’t horrible at first watch, the serious storylines didn’t match the high school feel of the show.

This led the comedy-sitcom to feel more like a drama than anything else.

*Herman’s Head*

The premise of the show was beyond its time as it followed characters that matched the emotional aspects of Herman’s mind.

In the end, though, it couldn’t find the audience it needed to sustain and only lasted a few seasons.

*Me and the Boys*

No one knew what to expect when Steve Harvey made his debut on what should have been a funny sitcom. Instead, it turned into a serious drama involving a widowed father.

If Me and the Boys aired in 2021, it would be a major success with Harvey’s fame and charm.


The show had a great opportunity to focus on the three sisters' relationships (Wendie Jo Sperber, Leslie Boone, and Susan Peretz) and a positive self-building journey.

But it missed the mark with an extreme amount of offensive jokes and body-shaming.

*Dharma and Greg*

This cringy show revolved around two opposites (Dharma and Greg) who get married after just one date.

But Dharma’s repeated attempts to humiliate Greg became old, keeping fans wondering why they got married in the first place.

*Baby Talk*

First off, Tony Danza voicing a baby was just odd.

After horrific reviews from the start, many stars, including Julia Duffy and George Clooney, decided to drop out. In the end, the show was only on the air for one year.

*Suddenly Susan*

This show was about the character Susan and her adjustment to being single after rejecting her fiancé at the altar.

But viewers found the workplace comedy to be stale, especially when it was aired in between Seinfield and ER.