15+ Times People Tried And Failed To Do Something Nice

No matter how good our intentions can be, sometimes we manage to make a right disaster of trying to do something nice for someone else!

From someone having their nice plans shanghaied by a swarm of petrol-obsessed wasps to someone whose ignorance as to what poison ivy looks like ruined their day, here are 16+ times people tried and failed to do something nice!

"Borrowed my neighbor's truck he never drives to haul some stuff. Wanted to be nice and bring it back filled up since it was almost empty when I got it."

"Well, the best way to get rid of those nests is to burn them off, get me a flamethrower."

"I cannot advise you enough against doing that, Dave."

"So my sis wanted a silly family photo..."

Not everyone likes to take a wacky photo...which is blatantly made evident by this guy who looks like he is about to shove his head in an oven.

"I tried to make my niece an Ariel cake for her third birthday and it came out looking like a zombie. I see no future for myself in cake decorating."

"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you... Look, I'm going to keep singing no matter how loud you cry! You're only making zombie Ariel angry!"

"Chris trying to help clean up the community."

Looks, Chris, I'm glad that you're trying to help the community, but keep your weird private life out of it!

"My friend is a 3rd grade teacher. He made a student write an apology letter to another student. Sounds like some fightin' words."

This starts off pretty well, but takes a pretty aggressive nosedive awfully quickly! This is far from over! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

"If I opened up my lunch sandwich and saw this looking back at me I'd lose my damn mind."

Yeah, whoever came up with this terrifying idea has a lot to answer for. This meat face doubtlessly plagues the nightmares of many children. Just this meaty face laughing and saying, "Sure, you may eat my face, but I'll eat your dreams friendo!"

"The delivery note got put inside the card instead of a birthday message."

I can imagine the person who sent these flowers was waiting all day for a nice phone call to thank them for the lovely flowers. Well, I bet they got a shock.

Be Careful With Where You Leave Your Romantic Notes!

The person who posted this explained, "I tried to be cute and carved 'I love u' into my wife's banana last night and this morning, it looked like a note from a stalker. 0/10 Will not do again."

"Tried to take a panorama from our hike today, it really did my boyfriend dirty..."

Basically the person who took this photo has found the accidental filter which turns anyone into Al from Al's Toy Barn.

"Sister had a tooth thing going on and COVID has prevented her from getting it fixed. I got her a mask made to make her feel less conscience about it."

This is the perfect representation of most people's relationships with their siblings. No good deed can be done without their being a dig in there somewhere.

"Never lose your car again!"

The person who did this probably thought that this would give the local people a right laugh. But, like the meat face, it just causes them immense emotional distress.

"Came home for a week to help my parents out with some yard work. Turns out, I don't know what poison ivy looks like.."

Well, I hope that their parent's yard looks good at least, as their face looks incredibly painful!

"My 4 yr old's 'sorry letter' to another boy in her class. Tried not to laugh as she asked me to write those words."

Sure, it might not as be as angry as the last apology note, but I just love how angry they managed to get over someone thinking they were 3!

"My wife wanted to make sure that someone took a picture of the expression on our faces when our daughter was born today. So I took one."

I'm sure that this will be framed and take pride of place on the wall of their house! Well, it will if they have any sense, it's perfect!

"Valentine's day peti from my daughter! Bloody massacre!"

It turns out that the daughter is actually twenty-five as well which is the strange thing.

"My Anniversary Present."

Maybe the machine couldn't do love hearts, so they just put this in so that the recipient knew that the thought was there!

"All I wanted was a nice photo."

That dog is how I feel that I look on most pictures. Although, I don't have the cuteness of being a dog to fall back on, I just look like a weirdo.

"I love my mailman. He tries."

Sometimes the art of hiding is being able to hide in plain sight. That's not what has happened here though.

"My 3-year old lost my wedding ring a good few months ago now and couldn't remember where she put it..."

I am sure that they were just trying to keep it safe, as I cannot think of a single other reason as to why any kid would put this ring in here...seriously, not one.

"Trying to explain to the 70 year old Swiss man who offered to take our pic that his finger was covering the lens."

This poor old guy really managed to capture the perfect moment! Who's to say that he isn't inadvertently the best photographer for the job?