15+ Moments That Made Us Go ‘You’re Never Getting That Back’

We all lose things as we go through, whether it be a phone, wallet, pair of gloves, or our general capacity to tolerate that one friend who always gets too drunk and aggressive on a night out.

Anyway, to have a look at some of the most strange and unlucky ways that people lost things, here are 15+ moments that made us go, "You're never getting that back!"

"The exact moment her phone was lost forever!"

Why would you throw your arms into the air like this while holding your phone? That's just asking for trouble!

"I proposed to my GF this weekend and proceeded to drop the ring down a gopher hole."

I like the idea that the ring landed on a gopher's finger and now he is technically married to a gopher. Sounds like the start of a really weird sitcom.

"Someone lose a hamster?"

If I found myself a hamster that loved tortilla chips and bringing down the establishment, then I think I would have a hard time giving it back! That's the dream combo in a hamster.

"Caught a fish. Lost a fish."

The face that he is pulling is which I mean the fish. Just look at that fish's face, pure determination, as though it is screaming, "Freedom!"

"Worst. Delivery. Ever."

Ah, but it was nice of them to suggest that this person use a broom to get it down? Although, if they order a broom to get this first package down I hope that the delivery driver doesn't throw the broom up there as well!

"Losing your glasses while rock climbing..."

The only thing that I think I would find more terrifying than actual rock climbing would be rock climbing with impaired vision.

"As a Postman, I don't even know."

Okay, I know we have already had a package on the roof picture, but this is just unbelievable. Were they maybe trying to throw it through that open window? That would have been a hell of a shot if so!

"My cat just came back from one of her evening strolls with someone else's keys in her mouth."

The owner of this house will never get these back, or if they do want these keys back they will have to pay handsomely in tuna.

"Years ago my brother lost his cellphone on a roller coaster. We figured there was no way to know when. Then she saw the ride photo..."

He should just count himself lucky that it didn't smack someone in the face behind him. Unexpectedly getting hit in the face with an iPhone would really add to the fear involved in a rollercoaster.

"My 7-year-old son's brilliant way to never lose the only key he has for this lock."

One thing is for sure, he'll never lose the key! Although, he'll probably never be able to use it again either.

"Masked thief steals bag off the beach in Costa Rica."

Not content with stealing their food, this little guy escaped while wearing their stolen footwear as well! Outrageous.

A Tragic Tale...

Pretty much everyone has been in a position in their life where they've got something stuck in a tree or the like and thought, "Well, if I just chuck my shoe that'll sort it. I mean, the odds of getting my shoes stuck are astronomically small, right?"

"My drunk girlfriend was really upset about losing in connect four..."

Once you have lost the respect of your peers like this it can be nearly impossible to win it back! That is some truly shocking Connect 4 playing.

"NYE Aftermath: When you're so drunk you lose your home phone."

This is now the landline for the planet, that's how that works I think. If any other planets try and call us, this is the phone that will ring.

"I have lost one piece of this 2000 piece puzzle."

You mean that you didn't count out every piece before starting to make sure that all 2000 were there? Christ, what an amateur!

"Well, just finished building a lego set with my oldest son. His younger brother then grabs part of the set, runs outside, and drops it down the sewer vent."

Apparently, the kid who did this was only two and didn't do it maliciously. Although, if my younger brother had thrown my Lego down a well then I don't think that I'd be talking to him to this day!

"Must have dropped my keys after I locked my car. I came back to this."

Hmmm, this person seems far too nice, I think it is a trap. It's not that I'm cynical, it's just that I think that the world is full of awful people and you can't trust a single soul.

"Been trying to find it since morning."

Maybe this is just a fashion statement. I don't know what the statement is "stating" as such, but that's just fashion baby!

"So my friend dropped his iPad and it got caught between the wall and the glass from the library's second floor. It looks beautiful."

The person who posted this went on to say, "He talked to the library personnel and they’re gonna have to unscrew and remove the glass and metal panels." I'm sure that he is Mr Popular with the library staff now!

"My father told me he dropped his coughdrop while taking my dog out and couldn't find it anywhere."

Yeah, even when you manage to wrangle that cough drop out of that fur, you're not going to be wanting to eat it. Seriously, don't eat that!