Dad Builds Towering 14-Foot Snowman For Daughter And Lifts Neighbors' Spirits

When a loved one is sick, it's not always easy to have some lighthearted fun. However, one dad figured out how to make his daughter and the entire neighborhood celebrate in a big way.

Come rain, snow, sleet or hail, there are some things that make an enormous impact that nothing could even hope to knock down.

One Canadian dad wanted to do something for his sick daughter.

Suffering from a medical condition at a very young age, Mike Ferguson's daughter has faced a difficult set of challenges.

As CP24 reported, he wanted her to be able to feel like a kid and enjoy an exciting snow day. So, he planned to make her a snowman unlike any before.

Being a seasoned snowman builder, Ferguson decided to set his sights pretty high. Like, 14 feet high.

It was a Family Day like no other.

Most kids don't expect to see a snowman outside of Christmas, but this definitely wasn't your usual Frosty, or any other typical holiday snowman.

In celebration of Family Day, a Canadian holiday, this 14-foot snowman was created by a dad showing his love for his little girl.

He's planning to add a snow dog to the family, too.

After seeing how happy his daughter was to discover the towering snowman in their front yard, Ferguson shared that he now plans to make a snow dog based on their dog Sammy.

The entire neighborhood has been ecstatic to see this latest snowy addition, and have been thanking Ferguson for his outstanding building skills.

There's nothing stopping these smiles.

While his daughter and many others may have unique struggles, Ferguson's creation reminds us all of the importance of catharsis and finding opportunities to celebrate life.

To see more of Ferguson's incredible snow building skills, check out his Instagram page @snowman_and_sammy.

Let us know what you think of this heartfelt and if you'd ever want to build your very own giant snowman.

h/t: CP24