Quotes That Feel Like They Were Written Specifically About Our Husbands

While marriage is a mixed bag of possibilities and opportunities, there are more than a few common qualities that many husbands share.

These commonalities aren't always charming, but they are qualities that many wives know their husbands exhibit all too well.

We've gathered some quotes that we think will definitely ring a bell for most wives when it comes to their hubbies.

This one is for the husbands that never actually look for anything.

Most wives know that there's looking for something and then there's "looking for something." Only one of those entails husbands trying to locate an item that's not in their immediate area.

Then, there are the distracted husbands.

Sometimes it doesn't matter how many times you go over the plans, suddenly something needs to be fixed or there's a "quick" task to complete. Before you know it, you're a few hours behind schedule.

We couldn't leave out one for the husbands that can never seem to find his arms.

They say that you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. Well, in this case, and others, you can tell your husband that something is right in front of his face but can't make him get it himself.

Finally, there's the husband that isn't the most observant.

Contrary to popular husband belief, the house doesn't magically clean itself. Maybe if it did, wives could get just a little more rest.

Let us know if any or all of these quotes are ringing true for your husband or any that you may know.

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