10+ Movie Endings That Felt Disrespectful To Fans

A movie doesn't just become a hit.

It requires several things, such as a compelling storyline, likable characters, and convincing acting.

It also needs a satisfying finish, one that either unleashes a believable twist or ties up loose ends. Without this, fans are left wanting more.

It also results in movies making this list of 10+ movie endings that felt disrespectful to fans.

Warning: obviously spoilers below!

1. *Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull*

The fourth installment had fans super excited 20 years after the previous one.

But since it was released in 2008, fans were especially disappointed to see the cheesy CGI and an unrealistic final plot that involved Jones and friends finding extraterrestrials.

2. *The Matrix Revolutions*

[Warner Bros. Pictures via YouTube] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87h7pTkf6nA&ab_channel=KAABA)

The trilogy’s final adaptation had the audience glitching in disappointment from the confusing plots and unnecessary war scenes.

The ending seemed very lackluster, considering all the prophecies. Fans wanted to see more from Neo in his battle versus Zion instead of just a truce.

3. *Man of Steel*

Not even the gorgeous Henry Cavill could save this one!

It just seemed completely disrespectful for Superman’s character to uncharacteristically kill his enemy Zod in the end. This made the whole thing very lackluster.

4. *Star Wars: The Last Jedi*

Watching Luke’s disappearance during the final scenes left viewers feeling underwhelmed.

The iconic character is seen disappearing in front of the sunset in what appears to be his demise. It just felt like Luke deserved a more epic ending!

5. *The Devil Inside*

In what appears to be the final scene, the main characters are seen driving into a head-on collision into what seems to be their deaths.

But that wasn’t even the ending, as a title screen with a website appeared, prompting the viewers to watch the “real ending." What a marketing ploy!

6. *10 Cloverfield Lane*

The post-apocalyptic thriller had its viewers on the edge of their seats following Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s character living in an underground bunker alongside John Goodman.

The great storyline abruptly ended when the film took an unrealistic turn by showing extraterrestrials above ground.

7. *Spider-Man 3*

The final film in the Spider-Man trilogy had a very disappointing ending.

After James Franco’s character and Spider-Man’s best friend, Harry Osborn, dies, a funeral scene is ruined when it cuts to Peter and Mary-Jane awkwardly dancing together.

8. *I Am Legend*

The sci-fi zombie thriller ended fast when Will Smith's character, Neville, blew himself up with the zombies as Anna and Ethan escaped.

The film's ending was disappointing for book readers since it was different than the books.

9. *Titanic*

We’ll say it again for the people in the back: Jack definitely could have fit on the door next to Rose!

That was just one of the many questionable decisions she made. She also threw her valuable necklace into the ocean.

10. *War of the Worlds*

For such an action-packed film, it was disappointing to see that it ended with humans discovering that bacteria kills the aliens.

This movie was especially laughable in 2020 since one trip to the local grocery store would have defeated these aliens no problem.

11. *Sucker Punch*

It truly did feel like a sucker punch to the face for fans who had to watch this ending.

The only girl who survived, in the end, wasn’t the main character aka the one that you devoted your energy into rooting for. What is that?

12. *Lucy*

The futuristic film showed Scarlett Johansson playing the heroine, Lucy, as she uses her abilities to gain the knowledge to save mankind.

But, in a bizarre ending, Lucy vanished into the computer once she reached maximum knowledge.

A final voiceover then says,

“Life was given to us a billion years ago. Now you know what to do with it.”

Let’s hope Morgan Freeman knows what to do because we did not know what to do with that ending.

13. *Brave*

The film pulled on our heartstrings for Merida, the red-headed archer and her mother, Elinor, who was cursed and turned into a bear.

The reveal of Merida finding out her mother is the bear was uncharacteristic and a lost opportunity when the twist was revealed.

Fans may have expected a darker finish as opposed to the typical “happily ever after” one they received.

This left us yawning unbearably when the curse was broken and Elinor and Merida became closer than ever.

14. *Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2*

A swarm of Harry Potter book enthusiasts took to Reddit when user Omikron expressed his disappointment for the ending of the film.

He was mad that it missed Harry’s speech, one of the best parts.

15. *Signs*

This horror movie saw actors Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix panicked when crop circles appeared in their cornfields.

But it went from scary to laughable when it showed that water was the aliens' weakness. Why did they come to a planet that's mostly water?

16. *2001: A Space Odyssey*

Stanley Kubrick’s futuristic film was ahead of its time for including an abstract plot and unbelievable visuals.

But the audience was left confused with the slow ending that showed a fetus floating through space, leaving a lot up to interpretation.

17. *The Happening*

The movie was good up until they discovered why humans were dying in a mass suicide.

Plants and trees. Yes, you heard that right. They were upset with the humans over global warning and developed deadly neurotoxins, resulting in mass suicides.