Parents Online Praise Store's Inclusive Shirt Featuring A Woman Wearing A Hijab

Now more than ever before, companies are realizing the importance of representation and diversity when it comes to their products. This is especially true when it comes to children's products. Making toys, clothing, and advertisements that speak to all children boosts their self-esteem and confidence.

Recently, one mom took to Twitter after spotting an inclusive shirt design and other parents were eager to chime in.

The change in our society has been slow.

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A little too slow, if you ask me. However, we are shifting into a more culturally accepting time, and the best proof of that is in the increasing diversity we see in media and fashion.

Twitter user @OnjaliRauf noticed this top at Tesco, a British supermarket.

The diversity! The inclusiveness! This may seem like something small to you, but to others, it's such a meaningful sign of change.

Onjali, who founded Making Herstory, was thrilled to see the top at Tesco.

She was so happy to see it.

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"Had to run by @Tesco yesterday & stopped in my tracks for the BEST reason!I think it's the first time I've EVER seen a girl in hijab be included like this," she wrote.

She said representation truly matters.

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"If you don't know what that means, you don't (yet) get it. Change:it's not just coming. It's here. #RepresentationMatters," she wrote in her tweet.

I love this! I love the message, the positivity, and the love.

People on Twitter were thrilled to see it.

Mary here has a great point: for the love of all that is holy, start putting more pockets on women's clothing. I should not have to carry a purse or backpack around all the time!

Other people shared their stories.

See, this is why representation is so important! It brought a child joy, and there's nothing better in the world than that. Representation is such a good, positive thing for the world.

I get the feeling lots of kids will be rocking this shirt.

I genuinely wish I could get one for my niece! Seeing all sorts of amazing girls on one shirt makes the future seem so bright. Good on you, Tesco.

Seeing this kind of change makes my heart warm.

Is it small? Of course! Does it seem silly? Maybe, to some. But seeing people this happy over a shirt is important. Representation and diversity bring true goodness to us all.

The shirt isn't currently available online.

Unsplash | Gemma Chua-Tran

So you'll have to hit up your local Tesco if you want one for a kid in your life! Go on, you know you wanna do it.

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