There's A Blockbuster Makeup Palette To Relive Our '90s Slumber Party Dreams

When I was a teenager, I would walk 40 minutes both ways to my local Blockbuster. I loved browsing the aisles, checking out what new releases were out, and just vibe-ing in the wholesome atmosphere of a Blockbuster in its prime.

Now, Hot Topic is looking to bring those nostalgic memories back to life with a new eyeshadow palette!

An ode to Blockbuster.

Pictured above: a viral image of a Blockbuster from a few years back. You know how I know the world is small? Because that's my Blockbuster from my teenage years. Yup, I walked there in the Alberta snow.

Sorry for never returning those Battlestar Galactica DVDs, you legend. Rest in peace.

Thank goodness Hot Topic has our nostalgia needs covered.

That classic ticket stub design is a staple of many '90s kid's childhoods, signaling a good night was about to be had by all. So of course, Hot Topic had to make the palette look like an old VHS case!

The inside features some truly Blockbuster colors.

The iconic blue and yellow are in there, as well as some good neutral colors to ground those bright shades. We love a well-rounded makeup palette!

Peep those move genre shade names — I'm going right for Sci-Fi.

The mirror looks like the ticket stub, too.

How cool is that? You can get the whole palette for $17, but here's a tip: Hot Topic has sales all the time. You can get it for 30-40% off pretty easily!

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