Dr. Jill Biden's Hair Scrunchie Is A Relatable Fashion Moment For Women Everywhere

There are some trends that women everywhere know are relatable and common. When it comes to the everyday woman, we all know we use a few items that make us look "normal."

But, when it comes to women who are famous or in a position of power— well, we don't always see them with the same items or accessories.

One thing every woman loves is a good, old-fashioned scrunchie.

Unsplash | 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič

The scrunchie, which is definitely a total '80s throwback that's making a big comeback, is something we all own and love.

From teens to adults, it's an accessory that works for everyone.

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From your middle school daughters to us older ladies who need to throw our hair up quick, a scrunchie is there to totally do the trick for us.

Scrunchies first appeared on the scene in the late '80s.

After they peaked in the '80s and '90s, they did fall off a bit until the late 2010s. Celebrities and influencers brought them back into the scene thanks to Instagram and TikTok.

And, now, they even have meaning.

Unsplash | Dazzling & Hypnotic

It's said that amongst teens today, a girl will give a guy or another girl a scrunchie to wear on their wrist as a sign of affection and love — or, to even show that they're "dating."

While we all love scrunchies, we'd never imagine seeing someone like the first lady of the United States sporting one, right?


As it turns out, Dr. Jill Biden loves a good scrunchie for her own hair and we have the pictures to prove it.

Recently, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden shared a photo on Twitter.

Dr. Biden tweeted a photo while shopping for some Valentine's treats at The Sweet Lobby. In the photo, you can see her sporting her hair in a ponytail with — a scrunchie!

Obviously people online absolutely loved it.

Dr. Jill Biden is not only a woman for the people, but she proves that she's a woman of the people, too. What's more relatable than a chic ponytail and scrunchie for a shopping trip?!

Soon, people on Twitter were sharing the post like crazy.

Everyone was absolutely loving Dr. Biden's scrunchie game — how can you not?

Truly, it's so relatable.

Sometimes, all you want is a person in power who has those little relatable moments that make you feel seen and heard.

Love us some Dr. Biden scrunchies!