Johnny Galecki Reacts To Kaley Cuoco's Implication That Their Relationship Was 'Boring'

We've all accidentally put our foot in our mouth at one point in our life or another! Or, if you're like me, maybe it feels like you do it every other day at this point.

Luckily, I have friends who are willing to point these moments out and laugh with me, and that makes it all worth it! Kaley Cuoco seems to have that with her ex-boyfriend and former costar, Johnny Galecki.

The world of celebs is a place like no other.

They are constantly under the eye of the public and are pretty much scrutinized for every little move they make.

This includes everything they post on social media, whether it's good or bad.

Another thing that they are always under watch for: their relationships.

Whether it's because their relationships are pure of heart, or because they cause drama, people LOVE to press the like button on every single post that a celeb couple makes.

Kaley Cuoco is definitely a celeb who knows how that feels!

She has been with a handful of very famous men, and she has always been under the eye of the media (and her fans) when it comes to her relationships.

She has dated some major names, including Henry Cavill (but many don't know about that relationship).

Which is fair, since they didn't date very long. In fact, they dated for 10 days (or so the news reports).

But apparently, the two remain very good friends.

Although she dated that very high profile actor, that is not her most famous relationship.

Kaley met someone very important to her on the set of The Big Bang Theory.

She fell head over heels for her costar, Johnny Galecki, as he did for her.

Kaley and Johnny dated from 2007 to 2009.

Their relationship was pretty iconic for fans since the couple was also iconic on the show.

So for a fan, this is literally the best possible outcome in the world.

The two played on-again, off-again couple Penny and Leonard on *The Big Bang Theory* both before and after their real-life relationship.

But it's clear that the two have remained close friends and don't mind joking around about their past dalliance.

That's why when Kaley made a tribute to her current husband, Johnny was quick to point out some unintended shade she threw his way!

In her sweet post, she wrote:

"Happy 5 years to the weirdest person I know!"

"I don’t remember a moment before you entered my life.."

"what a boring life that must have been! I love you," Kaley shared, along with a sweet picture of them together.

Sweet, right? Well, not for poor Johnny.

Johnny Galecki was quick to point out that he was a part of that "boring" life with just one word.

If one of MY exes made a post like that on MY Instagram feed, I would've had a lot more to say than just "Um," so I really respect Johnny's restraint!

Fans, of course, thought Johnny's response was hilarious!

"Move on Leonard, she's already gone," one fan replied with some laughing emojis.

"Your guys' friendship is so funny!!! I love whenever you guys joke around," another responded.

I definitely have to agree with that one — it's great to see two exes get along so well after a breakup!