The 'Breaking Bad' Movie Will Hit Theaters But Only For Three Days

Breaking Bad is coming back for one last ride, just when we thought it was over.

The story will be coming back with more drama, action, drugs, and most importantly: with more Jesse.

So, what will the movie be about?


Jesse will be coming to terms with his past in the movie in order to make sure he has a future.

Aaron Paul is coming back to play Jesse Pinkman.


The film will be available on Netflix at midnight Pacific Time on October 11th, and of course, will air on AMC.

But it will also be hitting theaters for three days!


It will be playing from October 11 and October 13.

So check with your theaters right now if they'll be playing the film!

Watch the trailer now, if you haven't already?

Are you excited for the movie? What do you think will happen?

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