Student Sends Racist Tinder Message To Girl And Instantly Regrets The Consequences

Social media is a great way to meet people and get to know them. Unfortunately, it can also be used to hurt people. Remember when we were told not to talk to strangers on the internet? This was to keep children safe, but some adults might also do well to follow this advice.

When you go on Tinder, you are usually there for a reason.

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Maybe you're looking for a hookup, a friend, or someone to have a romantic relationship with. Or maybe you're just bored. Unfortunately, some people use it to spread hate.

Racism on Tinder isn't a new thing.

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Tinder has already banned a guy named Nick for using racial slurs towards a woman he matched with because she didn't text him back right away.

Tinder banned him when they found out, even though he claimed someone stole his information and he didn't really do it.

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Right, as if we'd believe that. This isn't something you can come back from.

Other women also came forward with their own stories of abuse from Nick. Unfortunately, this isn't the only case of racism on Tinder.

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Recently a guy named Connor treated a Tinder match with no respect, and he too had to pay the consequences for his actions.

Connor Howell, a student from Virginia Tech, matched with a black woman on Tinder.

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Usually when you match with someone and message them, it's because you are interested in them.

He messaged her first and after she said hello back, he didn't hesitate to let his racist colors show.

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He started by calling her "gross looking," but she calmly told him that he was wrong.

Connor continued to throw insults her way, which she handled with incredible grace.

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And remember, he matched with her and was the first one to send a message. What a winner.

I don't understand how anyone could think those are appropriate things to say to another human being.


People like this don't see what's wrong with their actions and are never truly sorry.

Smar saved screenshots from her messages to make sure Connor paid the consequences.

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No one is allowed to get away with being so rude and disrespectful. There is no place for racism anywhere.

A friend of Smar's emailed Virginia Tech and attached the screenshots of the conversation between Connor and Smar.

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Connor immediately issued an apology to Smar, but how can we take that seriously?

Connor only apologized after his actions and words came back to bite him.

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It took tweets, screenshots, and possibly getting kicked out for school for him to say sorry.

It's amazing how often people think they're safe from consequences.


Then when they get what's coming to them, they turn around and say they never meant to do it or that they were just joking. Too late!

This also wasn't the first time he had sent racist messages to someone.

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People like this hurt so many others, and they simply don't care about the damage they are causing.

It's so bad that if you google Connor's full name it autofills info about him being the Virginia Tech racist.

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That's a reputation that you can never fix, no matter how hard you try.

Racism needs to die. It doesn't belong in this world and no one should be able to get away with saying things like that to another human being.

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It's wrong.

Do you think Connor possibly getting kicked out of school is the right action, or is it not enough punishment?


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