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Pregnant Influencer's Instagram Account Shut Down After She Shared A Pic Of Her Baby Bump

Even though many moms love sharing pics of themselves and their kids on Instagram, the platform hasn't always been mom-friendly.

In the past, moms have had their breastfeeding photos removed because Instagram said the pictures violated its policies. Now, one influencer is speaking out after her entire account was shut down over a baby bump picture.

If you can believe it, a number of people make money simply by posting to Instagram.

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Thanks to their large followings, these individuals known as "influencers" are able to monetize their accounts and score ad partnerships or other business deals.

Since these people's incomes depend on their accounts, it can be quite scary when Instagram suddenly pulls the plug.

Sally Mustang, is speaking out, after she said Instagram shut down her account for violating its nudity policy.

Sally and her husband, Mitch, recently announced Sally's pregnancy.

Like many couples, they took to social media to share the news with their followers.

The couple made the announcement using a series of photos that showed Sally's growing bump.

One of the photos was of Sally in the bath with her bump sticking out of the water. She says the photo didn't violate Instagram's policy as her breasts were covered by her hands.

According to Sally, her account, which had 300,000 followers was banned without any warning.

Sally was devastated by the ban which couldn't have come at a worst time for her.

In an emotional video posted to Mitch's account, she said she was "scared".

“I’m really scared, I’m five months pregnant and my whole livelihood has disappeared,” she said in a video.

She also wondered if Instagram was biased towards pregnant bodies.

“I’m so, so disappointed in whoever’s running the show there because I just don’t understand what kind of message that sends out; that Instagram doesn't accept pregnant bodies?" she said.

After Sally's story was featured in a number of media outlets, Instagram restored her account.

She thanked her followers for speaking out and helping her get her account back online.

"I am so blown away - over the moon and back by the power of love and magic," she said in a post.