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Seth Rogen Started Making His Own Pottery

Seth Rogen has taken up a surprising new hobby outside of comedy and acting, and he's actually quite good at it.

Just ask Charlize Theron ā€” she thinks so too!

Seth Rogen is known for a lot of things. But pottery is not one of them.

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Let's take a short, but comprehensive look at Seth's most crowning achievements that we know of so far.

The Canadian-American actor got his start-up in stand up comedy as a teenager.

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He placed second in the 1998 Vancouver Amateur Comedy Contest, and since then he's been absolutely killing it.

Nowadays, he's known for starring in beloved comedies like "Knocked Up", "Superbad", "Pineapple Express", "This Is The End" and "The Night Before".

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He has built a bit of a reputation for playing a stoner, and fans have been eating it up since day one.

While he currently has three movies and one TV series in post-production, he's taken up a fairly unexpected hobby to fill his time.

If you thought he was talented before, you're about to be blown away.

Approximately 22 weeks ago, Seth let everybody know via Instagram that he was taking up pottery.

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Fans loved Seth's quirky new hobby, but probably never imagined it would go this far.

Initially, he explained on Instagram that the sole purpose for joining a pottery class was to make his own ashtrays.

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"So maybe I joined a pottery studio so I could start making my own ashtrays," he wrote.

Week by week we watched him improve — and honestly, it was fascinating.

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As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

"I made all these ashtrays! (Iā€™m getting better?!)," he captioned this photo.

Fans kept up with his progress, eagerly following along.

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At one point he actually stepped away from only making ashtrays and started making matching vases.

"I made an ashtray with a matching vase," he wrote.

Vases with matching ashtrays eventually became his signature.

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Comments from fans came flooding in every week, asking how they can buy these matching sets from him.

Unintentionally, his business is really booming rn.

Finally, came the vase that changed everything...

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Although fans were dying to get their hands on a Seth Rogen original, we had yet to see a fellow celebrity take interest in one of his pieces.

Until now.

Enter: Charlize Theron.

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"you promised me a set [expletive]," she aggressively commented on this photo.

But Seth did not public reply to the comment.

One week later, Seth posted his latest creation on Instagram.

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As per usual, fans praised his developing skill ā€” encouraging him to start selling these online.

Charlize commented again:

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Fans replied to Charlize's comment, telling her to "get in line, sis".

But it was just her birthday ā€” I think if anyone deserves a vase with a matching ashtray, it's her.

Seth replied, letting her know that she has some "stuff coming" her way!

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Let us know what you think of Seth Rogen's latest creative endeavor!