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Period Brand Slammed For Showing Menstrual Blood In 'Disgusting' Ad Campaign

If you're unaware, young girls who have reached the age of menarche begin to bleed every month, all to release an egg that's ready to be fertilized to make a baby. We didn't ask for this to be part of the process of producing new life, but it is, and so it is very normal that bleeding might occur every month, and even sometimes more. Any frequent spotters here? Hi.

When one period products brand decided to depict menstrual blood in their televised prime-time commercial slots, some people were utterly shocked and disgusted.

Libra, a period products company based out of Australia and New Zealand, has been working to normalize periods in their latest ad campaign.

They've been using the campaign slogan #BloodNormal to show that menstrual blood is nothing to be afraid of or disgusted by.

I mean, if you menstruate, you bleed. And many of us have been doing it nearly 7 days a week, monthly, for YEARS. How can it NOT be seen as normal?

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Unfortunately, some people would rather the conversation about period blood be left behind closed bathroom doors and in the toilet.

After Libra released their Blood Normal televised commercial last month, people were offended and disgusted.

The full 2:22 minute video, which you can watch on YouTube, highlights many situations that people who menstruate often face, such as needing a period product suddenly in public, spotting unexpectedly, or even bleeding in the shower.

While many of the comments on the video were positive, they were outshone and virtually silenced by the negative ones that called is 'disgusting', 'disgraceful,' and even 'perverted.'

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People were so outraged that they complained to Ad Standards, who received more than 600 complaints.

Unfortunately for these complainants, the organization concluded that the commercial did not breach any section of the advertising Code of Ethics and dismissed all complaints.

So, get used to seeing blood for less than 30 seconds on your TV screen.

Many people on the YouTube video hypothetically compared the normalization of menstrual blood to normalizing used toilet paper, pedophiles, and people's privates, aiming to show how ridiculous it is.

These comments prove just why things like menstruation need to be normalized, so that it is no longer seen as a disgusting and vile act.

Let's just consider how BA young girls and women are for involuntarily bleeding out of our uterus, and being pure bosses while dealing with it.