'Bachelor' Star Uses His Wife's Breast Milk To 'Cure' His Pink Eye In An Instagram Post

Any mom who has breastfed knows how amazing breast milk is. It's basically like super milk that helps your baby grow and nurture their bodies. But even though breast milk is amazing, it isn't able to cure everything.

One former Bachelor star tried to cure his pink eye with breast milk and I'm just shaking my head at this post.

There are a lot of uses for breast milk besides feeding a baby.

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Studies have found that breast milk can be applied to help heal diaper rash in infants, but sadly, breast milk can't cure everything.

Recently, a former "Bachelor" star shared a post of himself on Instagram using his wife's breast milk to treat his pink eye.

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Arie Luyendyk Jr. shared a series on photos on his Instagram stories documenting the process.

If you're a fan of "The Bachelor", you probably remember Arie from the show's 22nd season.

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He famously proposed to Becca on the show, only to later change his mind and rekindle things with the show's runner-up, Lauren.

Arie and Lauren got married in January 2019.

Even though their relationship had a bit of a rocky start, it looks like in the end, they made the right decision.

In May 2019, they couple welcomed their first child together.

Lauren gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Alessi Ren Luyendyk.

Now that you're caught up on Arie's life, let's dive back into this whole pink eye situation.

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In the post, Arie detailed how Lauren assisted him by spooning the milk into his eye. Apparently she accidentally "stabbed" him in the eye during the process. Ouch!

After a few attempts, it looks like Arie managed to get a few drops in his eye.

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According to him, the breast milk worked.

Before you go trying this method on yourself, listen up!

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Pink eye is caused by bacteria and can only be treated with antibiotics. Yes, breast milk is amazing, but it definitely won't cure pink eye so don't try this at home.