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Instagrammer DIYS Her Own Vogue-Worthy High Fashion Photo Shoots In Her Bedroom

A picture says a thousand words, and with social media platforms, that saying could not be more true. We've all heard about social media influencers, or just regular users like you and I, exaggerating or stretching the truth in photos, often posting and posing a life that is far from authentic.

This doesn't mean that good can't come out of it, and this ultimate DIY Instagrammer/model/photographer is proof of that.

Kimberly Douglas, AKA @kihmberlie on Instagram, is a photographer and aspiring model, who is certainly gaining attention for her incredible high fashion shoots.

Instagram | @kihmberlie

She has amassed over 85,000 followers on Instagram for her craft.

Looking at her modeling photos, you would never guess that the whole set is DIYed.

Instagram | @kihmberlie

But, she remains transparent with her followers, showing everyone her creative process from start to finish.

This has absolutely worked in her favor, with many followers left speechless and gobsmacked.

As you can imagine, her photo shoots are no small feat, especially flying while solo.

Instagram | @kihmberlie

She told, "My shoots take at the least eight hours from start to finish. I usually just find things around my house or use what I already have for the majority of my shoots."

If she can't find what she needs around her home, she tries not to spend more than about $40.

Instagram | @kihmberlie

Talk about a DIY queen! She could really start her own modeling agency, don't you think?