Doctor Dressed As The Joker Delivers Baby Born On Halloween Night

You just never know what will happen when you go into labor. Sometimes it'll last a few hours, sometimes it'll last days, and sometimes your doctor will arrive dressed as the Joker.

Okay, that last one probably won't happen, but this couple shared the unique story of their Halloween baby in a viral video that people are loving.

Expecting couples have a lot to think about when it comes to the birth of their baby.

Unsplash | John Looy

They have to decide where they want to give birth, if they'll have a midwife or doctor to assist them, and if their birth plan will require any special requests like music.

Even with all that preparation, you can't plan for everything once labor starts.

When Brittany Selph went into labor on Halloween, a few days ahead of her due date, things were already off to an unpredictable start.

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Brittany and her husband, Justin, arrived at Henry County Medical Center in Tennessee, ready to meet their baby.

The couple's doctor, Paul Locus, met them at the hospital.

Facebook | Justin Selph

When he walked into the hospital room, it was clear that Dr. Locus was in the Halloween spirit.

The doctor was fully decked out as the Joker from the "Batman" franchise.

Facebook | Justin Selph

Justin live-streamed the doctor in costume in a Facebook Live video while he checked on Brittany.

The doctor even left for a few hours to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters.

Facebook | Justin Selph

The couple said they hoped he would still be wearing his costume when he returned.

Dr. Locus did not disappoint.

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He wore his costume throughout the entire birth and helped the couple welcome their third child, a healthy baby girl.

While not every mom in labor would want their baby delivered by the Joker, Brittany and Justin loved the experience.

Facebook | NewsChannel 5 Nashville

They said Dr. Locus even gave them a card the next day congratulating them and signed by "Dr. Joker."

The couple named their new addition Oaklyn Saige Selph.

Facebook | NewsChannel 5 Nashville

Every birth is a memorable and unique experience but I'm sure this family will never forget having the Joker deliver their baby.