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Kelly Clarkson Asks Fans Not To Kiss Her When They Meet: 'I Ain’t European'

You know what we love and respect in this house? Personal boundaries.

You know who has a hard time getting their personal boundaries respected? Celebrities!

And no, I don't want to hear anyone say celebrities "signed up for it" because being famous shouldn't mean people have access to you at all times.

Ja feel?

And you know who is ready to make their personal boundaries known?

Instagram | @kellyclarkson

America's sweetheart, Kelly Clarkson!

Ms. Clarkson took to Twitter to express her distain for being kissed on the face when she's meeting new people.

"Spread the word. I don't like being kissed on my face when U meet me. Ever. Male or female. I ain't European y'all. I didn't grow up doing that. I don't like it. I don't know where ur mouth has been but I know where it's not gonna end up, & that's anywhere on my face."

The response was mixed. While some people agreed with Clarkson, other's pointed out hands can be *super* gross too.

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Do you agree with Kelly? Are face kisses a no-no for you?

Instagram | @kellyclarkson

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