16 Disappointments Worse Than Your Ex

Whenever you think you've got life by the short hairs, it finds a way to remind you who's the boss. Alternatively, when you're down on your luck, life still finds a way to kick you while your down. Enjoy this gallery of poor souls who got metaphorically kicked where the sun doesn't shine.

1. I mean, it's still a functional cake, just a lot less pretty. And as they say, you can't have your cake and eat the garnish too.

Reddit | alechko

It's almost impressive that every single one of them came off relatively cleanly, too.

2. I really hope that isn't their last roll, or they're going to have to make some very difficult decisions in the near future.

Reddit | EmoLordJude

I dunno about you, but I could not bear the sensation of wiping with cold, wet toilet paper.

3. I mean, technically the plural of shrimp is "shrimp" so the package isn't lying. Still, kind of a jerk move.

Reddit | Juankestein

That poor lonely shrimp has been waiting for this moment when its solitary existence can finally be put to an end.

4. This kid learned early on that life is full of disappointment. Hesitation is the seed of defeat!

When he's an old man, he's going to reflect on his entire life and realize that this is the only real regret he has.

5. When you're working on Christmas Eve but HR tells you there'll be a nacho party, and you come back to this.

Reddit | Im_A_Chef

This is why anyone who works in retail deserves your mercy and respect.

6. This raccoon is too innocent to have something this horrible happen to it. You can practically hear "Hello darkness, my old friend" playing in the background.

Whenever you think you're having a rough time, remember this raccoon.

7. No one should ever be betrayed by their food like this. This would probably be enough to make me swear off eating Pop-Tarts forever.

Reddit | assai_semplicemente

Ah, who am I kidding? I couldn't give 'em up.

8. Just when you think you're doing some good, life shows you that you're doing the opposite.

Reddit | mikef2007

What's even the point of making it seem like it's being sorted? I mean, most people just throw everything in the garbage, but still!

9. That awkward moment when the milk you're pouring for your cereal comes out chunky. You're better off burning the whole thing.

Reddit | lXLegolasXl

I can almost smell this picture, and it's not a good one.

10. It's probably not the prize they wanted, but not for nothing they still managed to come out...ahead.

If this was a rom-com, their soulmate would be the one who gets the body, and then we'd have a weird version of "Cinderella" on our hands.

11. Two tragedies for the price of one! I might reconsider my undying love for Nutella if it came at the price of my laptop.

Reddit | Reddit

Hazelnut is really hard to get out of keyboards.

12. That awkward moment when you're at the ATM and it goes into update mode while your card is still inside it.

Reddit | Milkyeggnuts

Who knew that ATMs ran on Windows 7? At least it's not Vista.

13. You have to be a special kind of unlucky to get both of your purchases stuck in the machine.

Reddit | Pokefan982144

Would you accept defeat, or buy something else and hope that the third time's the charm?

14. Do garbage trucks come with an emergency "dump everything" button? If so, they should maybe make it harder to hit by accident.

Reddit | spape

I do not envy the person who has to shovel that back into the truck.

15. How long has that car been there for this to happen?! More importantly, how deep was the snow to begin with for it to be up that high?

Reddit | xumix

Sometimes I think we get bad winters here in North America, but this is something else.

16. It doesn't speak well of the pizza itself if the makers think you wouldn't be able to taste the difference between the crust and the cardboard.

Reddit | CF_Gamebreaker

Also, who the heck cuts their pepperoni into triangles?

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