Mom Gets Slammed On Twitter After Bringing Up Consent Problem In 'Sleeping Beauty'

Many parents want to keep their children safe from inappropriate content and stories. Sometimes, that means filtering out things with messages that can give them the wrong idea.

Many parents, however, don't have a problem with Disney movies.

From princesses to women who go to the ends of the Earth for true love, most moms like their daughters to look up to the Disney ladies.

Now, one mom is asking a U.K. school to ban one story completely.

The mom has requested the Northumberland Park school ban the story Sleeping Beauty.

She was reading the story to her six-year-old son and it dawned on her.

She realized that the story's message is not appropriate to share with kids.

She claims the story teaches children it's okay to kiss someone without consent.

For those who don't recall, the prince kisses Sleeping Beauty to wake her up — without her consent.

As a mother of a son, she didn't want him thinking that it was okay for him to kiss anyone without permission.

She told the Newcastle Chronicle:

“I think it’s a specific issue in the Sleeping Beauty story about sexual behavior and consent. It’s about saying is this still relevant, is it appropriate?”

It really came down to age.

Unsplash | David Straight

She said that for her son, who is six, it's a bit early to have a discussion around consent in terms of the story.

But, for older kids, it may be good to include for a conversation piece about the #MeToo movement.

Unsplash | NeONBRAND

“I don’t think taking Sleeping Beauty books out of circulation completely would be right. I actually think it would be a great resource for older children, you could have a conversation around it, you could talk about consent, and how the Princess might feel," she said.

However, not everyone agreed with the mom.

Many people online were unhappy that she would "ruin" such a classic.

Others said if you get rid of one, why not get rid of them all.

Some people say that she's "ruining" classics.

And, there were those who said the mom is the problem.

Many blamed her for looking at it that way.

What do you think?

Is the context of the story a bit outdated, or should we just leave it alone because it's a "classic"?