Giant Inflatable 'Beetlejuice' Sandworm Is The Ultimate Mix Of Frighting And Fun

If you've never seen the classic horror-comedy film "Beetlejuice", first of all, why not? But second, and most importantly, I'd politely ask that you stop what you're doing right now and go watch. Don't worry, I'll wait.

Done? Excellent. Now you'll understand just how freaky and awesome this new Halloween decoration is.

"Beetlejuice" features plenty of memorable moments, but few are creepier than the ones featuring the Sandworm.

Remember that scene from the movie where a gigantic, admittedly mildly silly stop-motion wormy beast erupts from the sand and almost devours our main characters?

Well now you can place that fella right on your front lawn!

That's right, someone finally came to their senses and came up with a sandworm Halloween decoration!

Home Depot

Home Depot stocks this 9'5" inflatable creature, and it can all be yours for the low, low price of $179.

Think that's steep? Just imagine the fear it'll inspire. It's got two heads, people! It's so worth it!

This thing is pretty intense, but it's coming from a Tim Burton classic, so what else can you expect?

Home Depot

Not only is it massive, but it also lights up and it features a tongue that moves, so your spooky snake can hiss at anyone who gets too close.

I'd heed its warning if I were you! You won't get another.

This towering beast is truly something to behold, but might I suggest you pair it with another familiar face from the film?

Home Depot

Home Depot also stocks this life-sized model of Beetlejuice himself. Simply set him up on the porch and watch him spook the neighborhood trick-or-treaters as he spouts his most beloved catchphrases.

Oh, and did I mention his head does full 360 spins?

If you want to live your best Tim Burton life this Halloween, we've got you covered.

Box Lunch

After you've successfully decked out your front lawn with some spooky Beetlejuice scares, you can make the inside of your home a little less "trick" and a little more "treat" with some fun Nightmare Before Christmas decorations!

This adorable Zero night light is exactly what I've been missing in my life. You can snag one for $22.90 on the Box Lunch website!

If that's not enough, why not throw in some adorable "Nightmare Before Christmas" teddy bears just for fun?


Build-A-Bear is offering passionate fans of the classic film to make their own Sally or Jack Skellington teddies. They're currently only available online for $53 and $55, respectively.

So yeah, it's safe to say that it's shaping up to be a pretty wicked Halloween.

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