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Netflix Adds Heartwarming Documentary About Puppies Training To Be Guide Dogs

Once we get used to seeing something out in the world, it becomes surprisingly easy to take it for granted.

For instance, it's entirely possible to see the people who deliver our mail and collect our garbage regularly without realizing what they might experience on a given work day. And that isn't just limited to humans, either.

By now, most of us are familiar with the concept of service dogs, particularly those who work to assist blind people as they go about their lives. But while we may notice how disciplined and focused they are, we can still learn a lot about how they became that way.

But now, there's a documentary on Netflix that not only takes us into the world of guide dog training, but the selection process.

The film, which is called "Pick Of The Litter", follows five dogs from the day of their birth until the end of their training.

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As The Mirror reported, the film takes place over the course of two years and encapsulates their journeys in the California-based Guide Dogs for the Blind organization's training program.

We first meet the five members of the all-Labrador "P" litter as puppies bred for the purpose of doing this job.

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As the litter's name might suggest, the three boys and two girls all have names that start with P.

Their names are Patriot, Potomac, Primrose, Poppet, and Phil.

And while they're all unbelievably adorable, there's no guarantee that they'll all have what it takes to become guide dogs.

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According to The Mirror, Guide Dogs For The Blind receives 1,100 applicants every year and about two-thirds of them will end up graduating from the program.

It's entirely possible that none of the dogs in a litter will make it through, but it's also possible that all of them will.

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That depends on how well they adapt to their training, how obedient they can be, and how loyal they can be.

The last two qualities aren't entirely the same, as it can sometimes be necessary for a guide dog to disobey their partner's command in order to prevent them from entering a dangerous situation.

And as training progresses, each pup will have their own challenges to overcome.

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For instance, the trailer depicts Potomac as having issues with lunging and jerking motions that can throw people off balance, while Patriot is described as "intense" and "nervous."

However, it's important to note that the ones who don't make the cut will end up in new homes with loving owners.

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