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Grab Your Crew And Go As Giant Inflatable 'Toy Story' Space Aliens For Halloween

Disney Halloween costumes aren't just reserved for children. Why should adults miss out on all the Disney fun just because they're all grown up? After all, Disney is for the whole family, big or small!

Group Halloween costumes are even more fun, and these giant inflatable Space Alien Toy Story costumes are perfect for the whole gang.

'Toy Story' is a crowd favorite among avid Disney fans.

It's action-packed, yet such a sweet tale.

It's also a guaranteed tearjerker.

Honestly, all the characters are great. But how about those little claw machine Space Aliens. They're the cutest!

They're like OG minions, but less irritating and they don't have to try hard to be absolutely adorable.


Thanks to the online Disney store, you can go as one for Halloween!

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It checks off all the costume necessities.

Cute? Check.

Comfy? Check.

Easy to wear? BIG check.

Worried about getting too hot? There's a battery-operated fan included to keep you cool.

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This is the perfect group Halloween costume for friends who are having a hard time figuring out what to be.

Make your Halloweens simple, and scoop this cute and simple costume up from the Shop Disney online store for $79.95.