Facebook | Somer Scanridge

Mom Dresses Up As A Giant Pink Unicorn To Surprise Daughter At Bus Stop

This viral video proves that when it comes to Halloween, it's not only kids who get excited about their Halloween costumes. One hilarious mom decided to show off her new Halloween costume by giving her daughter a surprise she won't forget.

Somer Scanridge is a mom from Spring, Texas who loves to dress up for Halloween with her family.

Facebook | Somer Scanridge

Somer will match her costume to her daughter's, and her husband will match with her son.

When Somer's giant, pink, unicorn costume arrived, she couldn't wait to surprise her daughter with it.

Facebook | Somer Scanridge

She posted a hilarious video on Facebook where she showed up to her daughter's bus stop wearing it.

I think it's pretty clear that Somer's costume was a hit with her daughter.

Facebook | Somer Scanridge

"When your daughter is young enough to think you’re still cool and not embarrassing," Somer wrote in the caption when she shared the video.

Since posting it to Facebook, Somer's video has started to trend and she's been interviewed by CNN.

In case you had any doubts, unicorns are still awesome.

But, you already knew that, right? I hope we get an update from this family when the rest of their costumes arrive!