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Ralph Lauren Is Releasing A 'Friends' Line So You Can Dress Like Your Fave Character

There is a Friends frenzy of sorts happening all over the nation. That's because the silly sitcom is turning a whopping quarter century old this year!

That's right, Friends is 25, and I'm officially feeling pretty old. Preppy clothing brand Ralph Lauren is joining in on the celebrations, releasing a Friends line inspired by all the characters' stylish selves.

The cast of 'Friends' is honestly pretty stylish.

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Together, they represent our favorite parts about '90s clothing. Grungy maxi dresses, choker necklaces, plaid, denim, boho prints, embroidered denim jumpers, and (p)leather.

Do you smell that sweet scent of nostalgia?

To celebrate 'Friends'' 25th television anniversary, Ralph Lauren is releasing an entire clothing line dedicated to the cast's stylish selves.

Ralph Lauren

There are lots of turtle necks, a-line mini skirts, leather, as well as patterned coats.

This spread right here reminds me of something Monica might wear.

Ralph Lauren

It features feminine cuts with a masculine twist.

Now, the prices are still Ralph Lauren prices, but their completed looks definitely give us some major Friends inspo to look out for.

What character's style speaks to you the most?

Ralph Lauren

I feel like I fluctuate between Rachel and Phoebe the most!

Check out the full collection on Ralph Lauren's online store to see what items call out to you.