An Awful Alternate Ending To 'Toy Story 4' Was Released

To no one's shock, Toy Story 4 did phenomenally at the box office, because everyone loves the characters and the story.

Toy Story 4, however, had an alternate ending that people may or may not want to know about.

Don't worry though, none of the toys die.


I'll put that out of your mind right away.

But still, this alternate ending is so bad I'm glad it didn't happen!

So, what happens?


In the alternate version, Woody and Bo Peep don't end up together, which basically means our entire childhood gets shattered.

Instead, Bo decides to give up her owner-less life.


And she decides to go to Harmony.

Woody says goodbye and then goes back to Bonnie.

Yeah, talk about a weird ending.


You can watch the video here.

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