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Kevin Spacey's Accuser Has Died In The Midst Of Sexual Assault Lawsuit

An anonymous man previously identified only as John Doe has died in the midst of accusing actor Kevin Spacey of sexual assault, according to a notice filed in court by his attorneys.

Earlier this year, a separate case against Spacey had been dropped.

The sexual assault charges that Kevin Spacey faced in a criminal case revolving around an incident where Spacey was accused of groping an 18 year old in Nantucket in 2016 were dropped, according to The Blast.

Spacey had pleaded not guilty in January.

The accuser had recently dropped his civil lawsuit against the actor and had pleaded the fifth during questioning in the last hearing for the case.

The charges were eventually dropped due to 'the unavailability of the witness.'

Spacey's lawyers had previously noted that the accuser's mother may have deleted information from her son's phone before handing it over to the police, and that they had gone to "great lengths to remove text messages" that did not "fit his narrative."

Since then, it seemed that Kevin may have been celebrating that news.

He made two rare public appearances. One to perform a poetry reading, and another where he took part in playing with a mariachi band.

However, the lawsuit filed against Spacey by John Doe, a masseur, still remained.

This lawsuit represented multiple alleged victims, all masseuses, who wished to remain anonymous to protect their identity.

In September of 2018, John Doe alleged that during his work as a massage therapist, Spacey had sexually assaulted him.

In May of 2019, the case moved forward despite Spacey's objection that shielding the plaintiff's identity was unfair.

However, the plaintiff's lawyer stated that he and other alleged masseur victims had expressed, "concern for their safety and/or do not want their names revealed publicly in the media."

Just a month after that, however, the plaintiff's attorney has informed Spacey that his client had "recently passed."

No further information was released on the cause of death, and at the time of writing neither Spacey nor the plaintiff's attorney had commented on this issue.

While the lawsuit may continue, the anonymity of the accuser may have to be sacrificed.

The heirs of the accuser would be able to press forward with the lawsuit, but would likely have to identify him in the process.

The lack of his witness testimony would also potentially make it a difficult suit to win.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the deceased's family at this time.

h/t: The Hollywood Reporter