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Anna Nicole Smith's Daughter Dannielynn Is A Teenager Now — And Even Caught The Acting Bug

After Anna Nicole Smith's sudden and shocking death in 2007, many people wondered about the well-being of her daughter, who was only a few months old at the time.

Time sure flies, because now, Dannielynn is a teenager, and grew up right before our eyes.

As many of you probably recall, Anna Nicole Smith passed away of an accidental drug overdose in 2007.

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Her daughter, Dannielynn Birkhead, was only a few months old at the time.

After the passing of her mother, Dannielynn was raised by her father, Larry Birkhead.

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The pair seem to be inseparable.

Larry's entire Instagram is filled with father-daughter photos. His username is even called @larryanddannielynn.

The pair visited Dollywood earlier this year.

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"Hanging out with Dannielynn at Dollywood Hotel and theme park. Awesome place!," Larry captioned the photo.

True father-daughter goals!

And they wore coordinating Halloween costumes.

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"Having a frightening good time on this Halloween with a possessed Dannielynn. #happyhalloween #exorcist (No she hasn’t seen the movie, so don’t @ me) (Halloween was moved a day earlier because of rain storms coming tomorrow)," he captioned the photo.

He posted this photo of he and his daughter on their way to the 2019 Kentucky Derby, along with a heartfelt caption.

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"Dannielynn is pretty in pink in her dress by Junona for The Kentucky Derby. Topping it all off in a very special hat her Mom wore to The Kentucky Derby in 2004. #prouddad".

They even celebrated Father's Day by taking a trip to Disney World.

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Spending Father’s Day with Dannielynn and Daisy Duck aka “The Queen” according to Dannielynn. In my “Disney Dad” present from Dannielynn. (Normally I wouldn’t wear that)," he wrote.

Okay — this guy is father of the year. Don't @ me.

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Did I mention that he is a single father?!

It's hard enough to raise a teenage girl with both parents around — so, kudos to Larry for doing such a great job.

Anyway. Although she hardly had a chance to get to know her mother, Dannielynn seems to be following in her footsteps, pursuing a life in the spotlight.

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In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail TV's Jesse Palmer, Dannielynn and her father open up about how she may have caught the acting bug from her late mother.

"It's really cool to like, act as a character and not yourself," she said. "It's like portraying a new person. It's fun."

Even her teachers have noticed that Dannielynn seems to be gravitating to a career in acting.

“I got an email from her teacher," Larry chimed in.

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"[That] said, ‘Dannielynn gave one of the most believable performances of the whole entire school that was in the play,'" Larry said.

“If she wants to do something like that when she’s older, I’ll have my own opinion about it,” he continued.

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But in the meantime, she seems to be discovering her talents and genuinely enjoying learning how to act.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jesse Palmer explains what it was like to be in the Birkhead home.

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"She's this really sweet 13 year old, she's now a teenager," he said. "She really is a spitting image of her mom. It'll be interesting to see what happens for her…," he continued.

"We catch up with her, her life, what her hobbies are, what it's like growing up a daughter of a big celebrity."

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"Her dad is raising her in Kentucky, trying to give her this normal life away from the spotlight. So it's a great catch up."

Larry does his best to keep the memory of Anna Nicole alive for his daughter, Jesse explained.

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"There are some tokens throughout the house in her memory and in her honor," he said.

He added that Larry also tries to protect Dannielynn from the things she could read about her mother online.

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"So much of it is true, a lot of it is not true as well," he said. "And I think [he's] trying to help his daughter understand who her mother was in his memory of her."