​Robert Downey Jr. May Return As Tony Stark In 'Black Widow' Movie

Avengers: Endgame kind of destroyed all our lives, or at least mine.

We lost two major players: Iron Man and Black Widow.

Luckily, we are getting a prequel movie for Black Widow, but we may have to say goodbye to Iron Man.

'Avengers: Endgame' was a hard movie to watch.


We had to say goodbye to a lot of people who either died or just won't be coming back.

But Tony Stark might be appearing once again in a Natasha Romanoff film.

Black Widow is getting her own movie.


Which will be taking place before Infinity War, but besides that, details are being held tightly under wraps.

We don't know how he will be appearing in the movie.


It could be a cameo, or it could be a whole part.

But either way, we're excited to see what it is.

'Black Widow' will be coming to theater May 1st 2020.


Are you excited for it, or will you be skipping it?

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