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14+ People Who Went The Extra Mile And Kept Going

There are some people in the world who simply aren't content with doing the bare minimum. They're the sort of people who like going that extra mile to do something, regardless of how menial or important that very thing may be.

People like Simon Cowell for instance — he could quite easily just be mildly annoying, but instead he goes out of his way to be truly skin-crawlingly disgusting all of the time.

So here are 14+ people who went that extra mile, and then just kept going — whether that be for good or ill!

"Every year I try to disguise my sister's Christmas present. This year I think I went a little too far..."

Reddit | geoffreythehamster

Yes, that is in fact not a toilet! The brother actually built a toilet out of cardboard and inserted a makeup palette into it.

Now, that is dedication!

Roger Bucklesby, I Wish I'd Met You!

Reddit | doreymefahkedurmom

It is such a lovely sentiment dedicating a bench to a loved one, and then to go so far as to make the dedication one which is so beautiful and well-worded!

This College Professor's Door

Reddit | CantFindBacon

This is some absolute Looney Tunes nonsense right here. I know for a fact that I'd walk right into that and then have to move schools due to the embarrassment.

"This hotel goes the extra mile to attract customers"

Reddit | magicbullets

I like to imagine them adding each line day by day. By the fourth day they were just like, "Oh, who cares, just offer them free drugs for all I care!"

When You Just Need To Toast In The Bath

Reddit | YoriYasoki

We've all been there, in an inflatable swimming pool with the urge for some fine toast...

Don't try that at home, kids.

"Science has gone too far with this one"

Reddit | Sanderovris

Scientists and teachers will sometimes go to extreme lengths to prove a point, even if that point is something as menial as "I have a big mouth!"

"My sister recreated me as my mom!"

Reddit | HelloItsMeBB8

Now, people often tell me that I look like my dad, but this is something else entirely! The hair, the expression, the backdrop, it's pretty outstanding work!

"When you take flight sims too far."

Reddit | JoeinJapan

I can't imagine being that invested in anything and I can't tell if that makes me less or more sad than this person.

"History professor teaches about the first man in space."

Reddit | OMGLMAOWTF_com

Not content with teaching their students about the first man to get shot into space, the fact that they decide to point out how ridiculous it is that they know the names of an entire talentless, asinine, unfathomably dimwitted family of personality vacuums is pretty cool!

"Told the wife the floor was gross and needed cleaning. she said we don't need to. Clean half she said and let's see the difference..."

Reddit | ordin22

The kicker here is that this couple do not have tiled floors. Now that is going the extra mile and then some to make a point!

An Inspiration To All Of Us

Reddit | youyouxue

The cabin crew really went the extra mile to award this guy for not being a complete dingus when the plane landed by jumping up immediately.

Nobody's getting off any quicker just 'cause you've grabbed your bag before everyone else, sit down, and just stop being an asshat.

The Oreo King

Reddit | BattlNerd

Any normal person would get to the other side of a single 10 pack and think, "That's probably enough oreo filling."

But not this person, they just kept going, and I dread to think of what their teeth are like now.

Tackling The Bigger Issues

Reddit | HopsRs

This guy needs a medal for going the extra mile here to try and stop a national crisis. God bless you, God bless you indeed.

"Somebody was going the extra mile at my Walmart."

Reddit | Ruftian

However much that employee is getting paid, it is not enough.

"Have dentists gone too far?"

Reddit | DogsCatsAndHorses

The answer is that dentists always go too far, particularly when it comes to the bill.

"My kid said her one birthday wish was to wake up to some balloons. The door to her room is on the other side, waiting to be opened."

Reddit | imagepoem

Parents will go to any lengths to make their kid's birthday's special. Even if that means creating an Indiana Jones style balloon trap.

I have to give these people credit for finding the only adorable way to post a "no dogs allowed" sign.

Reddit | omglolcat13

After all, it's not that the owners are being grouchy about people's animals. It's just that this has already been claimed as cat territory and Mr. Grumpykins has their hands tied.

It's hard to tell what this man thinks is going to happen today, but he's apparently ready for it.

Reddit | BucklesUp

It's hard not to cringe at this unsafe handling of a firearm in this day and age, but the nunchucks turn this scene from disappointing to surreal.

Although it's hard to say they went the extra mile in fixing it, somebody definitely put a crazy amount of energy into breaking this laptop.

Reddit | xof711

Even if they managed to break it over their knee, that still only accounts for one of these major breaks unless they were furiously beating it with a hammer at the same time.

If you're wondering what's so extra about selling the movie "Fast Times At Ridgemont High," just look at how much it costs.

Reddit | questionhorror

People presumably weren't lining up for DVD copies of this, so someobdy was obviously able to have a little fun and price it at $4.20.


I would definitely say that this ranks as one of the more elaborate pumpkin carvings I've seen.

Reddit | dbgal

And although it may not be so scary for the trick-or-treaters, just one look at it will probably give the parents some spooktacular flashbacks.

Some restaurants put as much emphasis on presentation as they do on taste, and this definitely seems like a perfect example.

Reddit | xmachinery

I'm not sure what crabs have to do with yoga, but the effort that went into this creation is obvious even if it's also slightly creepy-looking.

Although i'm not sure how well Bert translates into actual human form, it's hard to capture his likeness better than this.

Reddit | fixdolphon1324

The face paint and the accessories are part of it, of course, but anyone who's willing to do this to their hair for their costume deserves to win the contest.

There's no way that these aren't sculptures, but I'm still find myself more hoping that than confidently saying it.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

It's not always easy to read the artist's intentions, but they definitely succeeded if they were trying to make me uncomfortable.

I'm guessing this stunt was intended to find this dog a forever home and it's totally perfect.

Reddit | AffectedArc07

Just a note to any potential adopters: While this dog looks like a beautiful, faithful friend, it probably can't actually treat any diseases.

I've heard of people making little doodles when their car gets covered in snow, but I don't think any have gone this far.

Reddit | TheSpoononReddit

Not only does it take some talent to make a convincing skull shape from a car, but not even Pixar gave Lightning McQueen a nose. It's a detailed one too.

No matter how hard some of these hypebeasts like to flex, I bet they aren't pulling Louis Vuitton garbage bins to the curb.

Reddit | jaysonk0312

Actually, I shouldn't be so sure about that. Considering how much mileage Supreme got out of putting their brand on basically everything, maybe there are actually official LV garbage cans.

Seriously, would you even be surprised anymore?

Somebody wanted to one-up every other fashionista on the block, but it looks like it came at a cost.

Reddit | f_____s

Not only is it hard to imagine how somebody even walks in this thing, but I know regret when I see it and it's written all over her face right now.

A regrettable victory is still a victory, though.

People have let their creativity soar when making fun of Apple's latest iPhone design, but this one might take the cake.

Reddit | Ract0r4561

Not only did he find a nice low-cost way to imitate the weird camera design, but he even made the logo look so lifelike and 3D.

Normally, we just mean these people went the extra mile and kept going as a figure of speech. Not in this case, however.

Reddit | Kidarcus

I doubt they've been on the force for long, but this cop is perfectly demonstrating how you keep going past the extra mile.

Jut because you've run out of road, that doesn't mean you've run out of miles to travel.

It's hard to tell due to the photo quality, but there's a panther sitting on this person's roof.

Reddit | MathMu59

That makes for a ridiculously extra pet if the person who lives here owns it. I guess that depends on how surprised they'll be to see it when they get home.

This may not be a "good" idea, but it's apparently proving to be a popular one.

Reddit | DictatorDoom

After all, if you plan a stunt so radical that your mom foregoes every parenting instinct just to see you do it, you've got something impressive on your hands.

The extra mile can really win people over a lot of the time, but sometimes it's straight-up unnecessary.

Reddit | VPee

Far be it from me to tell this man how to do his job, but this can't be the easiest way to pick these fruits.

This message is a little spicier than we would normally expect from a church, but go ahead.

Reddit | Clapz_cheekz

From the looks of it, all they needed was another "O" and this sign would've been perfect. Unless "sermans" means something that I don't realize.

This guy is never going to need a locker no matter where he goes in life.

Reddit | Bigreddog19

If he wanted to, he could probably put the actual locker in this backpack as some kind of weird power move.

It doesn't make sense to do that, but the idea is only slightly more absurd than the size of this backpack.

"Are we going too far?"

Reddit | tonyeeee

This person really went the extra mile on their hover-board and they just kept going all the way into the bathroom with it.

"Apparently, I was taking too long to finish the puzzle. So my housemate finished it and then did the biggest power move."

Reddit | Carpe-Asinum

You have to admire anyone's dedication to doing something so ridiculously unnecessary, and yet terrifically satisfying.

"Happy Anniversary to this lil tub of pineapple cottage cheese - it has now survived SEVEN years in our work fridge without being thrown out!"

Reddit | jgbones

Good on you! Someone needs to go the extra mile to show pineapple cottage cheese some love, because lord knows no one else is doing it!

Ninjas Stole My Wife And Dog

Reddit | _vidde

No one should be left to suffer when their loved ones have been kidnapped by ninjas.

Surely there must be a charity dedicated to this sort of thing? If there isn't, then we need one!