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Fans Are Dragging Kanye West For Taking A Private Jet To Drop Off Sneakers To DJ Khaled

Celebrities are tbh, wild. Imagine having money? Can't relate.

Imagine chartering a private jet to drop off expensive AF sneakers to your famous bestie right off your feet?

Also can't relate.

Well, that's exactly what Kanye West did for his friend DJ Khaled this past weekend.

However, lots of Kanye fans aren't impressed with the extravagant gesture.

Complex Sneakers posted a video of the music moguls meeting up in Atlanta this past weekend, surrounded by private jets.

Which is an insane sentence to say out loud, lol.

The shoes were a Yeezy 700 V3 and they're unreleased to the public, hence why they were given literally RIGHT off Kanye's own feet.

Which to be fair is a very selfless, friendly gesture.

However, it's also... incredibly horrific for the environment.

Lots of people felt the whole thing was super tone-deaf considering the environmental impact private jets have on the planet.

"Lmao they walking to they planes like they hoping in a car to go home," wrote one user.

"Meanwhile, the planet is dying while this pair of pricks use planes like taxis," wrote another.

The whole thing just feels very disconnected, doesn't it? Kanye could have just FedExed them!!!

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