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People Are Slamming Kim Kardashian After She Shared A Picture Of Her Kids On A Horse

Saddle-up, kids (pun intended), because here comes another segment of Kim Kardashian pissing people off on Instagram — her specialty!

After sharing a photo of her kids riding a horse, fans are calling her tf out.

As you may already know, Kim K gets called out for basically everything she does.

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She literally cannot win when it comes to appeasing her fans. They always — without fail, find something to criticize.

But most of all, she can't escape the mom-shamers.

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While there is no such thing as the perfect parent, according to the internet trolls, Kim becomes especially imperfect every time she posts anything to do with her kids on social media.

Fans dragged Kim for taking a flatiron to North's curls in 2018.

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This wasn't the first or last time Kim straightened out North's curly hair, but that didn't stop fans from slamming her for messing with North's natural beauty.

And for putting dark lipstick on her for their family's 2018 Christmas party.

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"I already know North is into makeup for sure. I don't think she should wear lashes or too dark of a lipstick," Kim told Refinery29.

"It is a form of expression, so I want her to express herself, but I want her to be appropriate, too," she added.

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Trolls accused Kim of letting North look too old for her age.

But I think the real problem here, is people that are sexualizing a young child for wearing lipstick. Yikes.

Or the time she let North wear dark lipstick and a dress with a slit to a church service.

Not only were fans taken back by North's makeup and dress, they were also uncomfortable with the way she was dancing.

Again, I think the problem is not the way North looks — but the way some people are perceiving it.

People should spend less time focusing on what this 6-year-old is wearing, and more time focusing on — oh, I don't know — literally anything else.

Or the time she got called out for the first photo she posted of Psalm West.

Fans were quick to call out that a newborn baby is supposed to sleep on his/her back with no pillows or blankets in the crib until they are 12 months old.

So, how did Kim step in it this time?

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She shared this adorable photo on Instagram of two of her children, North and Chicago, riding a horse together.

The peanut gallery wasted no time chiming in, pointing out the major safety violation Kim had made.

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Horseback riding can be very dangerous, even for adults if they're not wearing helmets. So, fans were shocked to see Kim's two young children on top of a horse with no protective gear on.

This, obviously experienced horseback rider, hit Kim with a few tips for next time.

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Horses are easily spooked, and when they are, can easily buck off anyone that's on their back.

If that were to have happened, without a helmet, both of her children could have been seriously injured or worse.

Even if the horse didn't throw North and Chicago, they could have also easily fallen on their own.

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This fan pointed out that at their size, falling off a horse would be a long way to the ground.

Other fans were mainly concerned with the fact that Kim put her kids on a horse at all.

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This person suggested that a smaller animal would have probably been a safer bet.

Fans definitely had a valid reason to voice their concerns. Always better to be safe than sorry!

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But evidently, Kim seemingly had everything under control, as both children made it off the horse without a hitch!

Kim has not commented back or addressed any of these concerning comments.

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Do you think North and Chicago should have been wearing helmets? Or are fans overreacting? Let us know!