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Chrissy Teigen Accidentally Leaked Her Own Email Address

Everything Chrissy Teigen does makes me want to sing and do a motivational dance about how much I love her and tbh, last night was no different!!!!!

Whilst the world was asleep, Chrissy tweeted this alarming sentence and instantly caused mass hysteria.

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But the main question was WHERE TF is the email address???????

Fans then immediately started Face Timing Chrissy and she was honestly *such* a doll about it.

Chrissy's mom was more than thrilled to speak to her fans which is such a mood!!!!

Chrissy then posted another, more ~ominous~ video of her receiving more FT calls.

"Please stop I have a family" Chrissy joked as the calls continued to come.

After a few hours of anarchy, Chrissy clarified that she had disabled all her accounts but she was thankful to everyone for being so nice!

Only Chrissy could be so gorgeous and graceful amidst such controversy.

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And hey, it wasn't as bad as that time she published her phone number on her dog's collar in her cookbook!

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